New Year ~ New Image

Have you made any new years image resolutions? Do you want to become more stylish this year? There is something about the turn of a calendar year that makes everyone crave dramatic change. Here are some almost effortless ways to update your appearance. They are quick, inexpensive and require zero willpower. You do not need to buy a whole new wardrobe…just make people think you did, by updating the items that get noticed the most, like your handbag. Accessories are also a cost effective way to update your closet’s contents because you can wear them day after day. This year, look for pieces made from faux crocodile leather and other exotic skins. To make your outfits appear more high end, choose a handbag that has brass hardware instead of silver; it looks expensive and is a bit more unexpected. How about trying a new bold red lipstick? Do not be scared off by its boldness…the truth is, red is one of the most universally wearable lipstick shades, and it is a classic way to add both impact and femininity to your look. Rediscover the pointy toed shoe. The tapered toe fell out of fashion’s favor for a couple of seasons, but this season, it is the shoe shape of choice. There is simply nothing as flattering to a woman’s leg than a pointed toe pump. The biggest resolution you can make is to clean out your closet. If you only wear a fraction of the clothing in your closet, getting rid of the excess will help you rediscover classic items and determine what additions could take your wardrobe to the next level. Start by only pulling out items you are sure you will never wear again.

Tips ~ What Dates and What Becomes Timeless

If you want to find pieces that will be more timeless and have longevity in your wardrobe, here are my tips to making your wardrobe timeless. The first is to purchase great quality fabrics such as fine wool, cashmere, silk and suede. Second, look for well constructed garments that are simple in their lines. Next, look for colors that are more subdued or neutral in color. Anything too bright will date more quickly. Always remember nothing extreme in the cut, such as large shoulder pads or exaggerated shapes. Lastly, garments that show off the body in a flattering manner without being extreme, not too boxy or baggy, but not too tight are the best. Here are some examples.
Inspiration from imogenl

When to Get Rid of Clothes

You probably have some clothes and shoes taking up space in your closet that you could let go of, right? It might be time to recycle or donate if your clothing falls into one of the following categories.

1. If the piece has stains or a musty smell it needs to go. I know this may seem obvious, but for some extreme clothes hoarders, getting rid of clothes is very emotional. However, in the case of clothes moths or mold, dye, or ink stains, you need to accept that your clothing is beyond recovering.

2. If you no longer LOVE it, then it is time to get rid of clothes and shoes. Closets are typically small spaces in our homes, so maximizing space is key. If you do not LOVE something, there is really no reason to give up space to it in your closet.

3. If it is out of fashion… and not coming back. If you bought something trendy that you cannot incorporate into outfits going forward, it is time to toss or donate. There is no value is storing something you will never wear again.

4. If it no longer projects the image you want to project, it is time to let it go. For example let’s say you used to be a corporate type, but now you have decided to pursue a career as a yoga instructor. At this point, you do not need to have a closet full of oxford shirts and tailored slacks.

5. If it itches, scratches or pinches you need to toss it. I am all for “suffering” for fashion, but there is a limit! If something is truly uncomfortable, you need to let it go. This includes scratchy fabrics that are irritating your skin, itchy fabrics and high heels that pinch your toes.

How to Update Your Blazer

Apparently I am on a blazer kick, so bare with me. Blazers are the ultimate work wear piece for fall and winter. However, like any staple they can start to feel a little drab over time. Here are three ways to jazz up the blazers you already have in your closet.

1. Add a brooch ~ Embellish your blazer with a brooch as an alternative to wearing jewelry.
2. Add a belt ~ Belts are the ultimate accessory this fall, so do not be shy about belting your blazers to give them a new shape and style.
3. Add a scarf ~ Play with different colored scarves to liven up your blazer and change your entire look.
Inspiration from Pinterest.