The Rule of Three

I know you have heard the expression “things happen in threes”. The Rule of Three is the principle that things that come in threes are inherently funnier, more aesthetically pleasing, or more effective, than other grouped number of things.  Even slogans and catchphrases are regularly three words…”Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”…”Stop, Drop and Roll.”

So, how does this apply to fashion?  It is simple…the third piece in an outfit adds pizzazz to an otherwise basic outfit, making you look more stylish and put together. Essentially, it is a simple trick that creates more chic outfits.  Start with your basic shirt and jeans, then add a scarf as your third piece.  This adds visual interest and pulls the entire look together.  You could take a simple A-line skirt and blouse and add a statement necklace jazzing up your office look.  The third piece could also be a jacket, cardigan or vest as well.  The third piece just completes any look.  Try it!!


Jumpsuits are everywhere right now, but they can be a little intimidating if you have never worn one before. They may be inspired by men’s coveralls, but they can be totally feminine and sophisticated in the right cuts and with the right styling. Let these ten stylish tips show you how it is done — it is easier to pull off than you think.

1. Define your waist ~ A slouchy, straight-up-and-down jumpsuit can be cool too, but cinching in the waist is a great way to define your shape add a little extra femininity to your look. Belts are the go to, of course, but tying a lightweight jacket or shirt around your waist can look pretty chic too and it has the added benefit of hiding that whole oblong-butt thing that sometimes happens when you cinch in the waist on a loose, flowy jumpsuit.
2. Break it up ~ Break up that big block of color with a lightweight jacket. Leave it open to elongate your body or wear it on your shoulders for some instant street style cred. A crossbody bag, worn in front, is also good for adding a little visual interest to your look.
3. Glam it up ~ Jumpsuits are just as good for evening as they are for day, especially when worn with glitzy metallic accessories and a sleek tuxedo jacket — perfect for a fancy dinner or a chic black tie cocktail party.
4. Show some cleavage ~ A deep, plunging neckline is hella sexy, but it is also great for breaking up a graphic all over print. Use a short necklace, bold earring, or face framing hat to help draw the eye up, away from your cleavage.
5. Make it sheer ~ Peek-a-boo sheer panels are a great way to show skin without giving it all away — sexy and feminine and just the right amount of subtlety.
6. Mix hard and soft ~ A leather jacket and chunky metallic jewelry are great for adding a little edge to a feminine and flowy pastel jumpsuit.
7. Choose a feminine print ~ Polka dots, florals, hearts, kisses, whatever. A good, feminine print can make even the most masculine silhouette look totally girly. Also, backless is always feminine.
8.Go for a bold color ~ Bright colors are automatic attention-getters — great for those times when you want to show off your shape.
9. Release your inner animal ~ If a full-on leopard jumpsuit is not for you, try a modified or abstracted animal print like this one and pair it with neutral layering pieces and accessories for a more subtle and sophisticated look.
10. Just add a heel ~ When in doubt, add a high heel — even the most utilitarian-looking jumpsuit can be completely transformed by a good pair of heels.

How to Wear a LBD ~ When Black is not Your Color

Tips for wearing a little black dress, when black is not really your color.
Wear it at night
When you turn out the lights, you cannot see colors in the same way. The light at night is not as bright, and there is already so much shadow around, black is not as harsh on skin.

Fabric Choice
Look for a black dress in a fabric that make the black less black. Silk will generally make a colour less intense, versus satin. Mesh, lace or chiffon are a bit see-through and therefore your skin will slightly alter the affect of the black and soften it down.

Consider the Neckline
A lower neckline will cast less shadow on your face as compared to a high neckline. Cool dark shadows will increase the appearance of lines, wrinkles and double chins.

Up the Makeup
Adding a bit more foundation and a stronger lip colour can help to compensate for an unflattering colour.

How to Style Black Pants in the Office

So many women wear black, grey or brown slacks in the office, but it can become such a uniform it becomes dull and boring. Today I thought I would share some ideas on styling your black pants with a little more zest. You can create a dramatic and high contrast look with an achromatic color scheme. Black and white is achromatic versus monochromatic, which is all one color.
You can create an analogous color scheme. An analogous color scheme is where the similiar colors are next to each other, such as blue, teal and green. This adds a subtle contrast in a sophisticated way.
My Photo Stream6 v2
Become inspired by bold colors and create your own flair. Do not forget the leopard print belt and shoes for that extra spice.
You can easily take any of these inspirations and make them more or less dressy depending on your work dress code. Inspiration from Pinterest.

Frumpy February

I know the weather still stinks and everyone is ready for spring. It will be here before we know it. Here are a handful of tips to get you through Frumpy February.

1. Wear your vest on top of your coat, so everyone can see it. It is a great way to dress up a basic, inexpensive jacket. Choose a vest in a bright color for a fun, sporty look, or go glam with fur or feathers.
2. Emphasize your waist, even in a shapeless sack dress. You do not have to wear something tight or cinch in your waist to create a flattering silhouette. Layer a cropped jacket over an otherwise shapeless dress for instant waist emphasis without a belt.
3. Give your jeans a rest. Wearing an oversize sweater with a pair of skinny jeans is so boring! Add a hefty dose of romance and glamour to that big, cozy sweater by layering it over a long, flowing dress or skirt. You will still flatter your figure but the overall look will be more comfortable and infinitely more beautiful.
4. Do not let one awesome accessory completely dominate your outfit. It is easy to fall in love with an amazing pair of shoes or a fun bag when you are out shopping, but actually wearing them can be a little intimidating. The easiest thing to do is just wear all black and call it a day, but then your whole outfit becomes about that one accessory. Suddenly your shoes are the star of your outfit, when that role should be played by you. Keep the black dress, but add a little white to help break up all that black and add a few more fun, colorful accessories into the mix to help balance your look and distract from those fabulous shoes, thus keeping the focus where it belongs: on you!
Inspiration from Pinterest.

What Gretchen Wore

I apologize for the photo quality, but I had to use a different camera today. I wanted to share this outfit with you today, because it is a combination I have never put together before. These are all pieces I already owned, but wanted to create a different look. I wear this sleeveless black dress year round, because it is so versatile. I usually add a cardigan, but today I decided to wear a long sleeved tshirt underneath for a completely different look. The scarf brings the black and grey together, and I added my burgundy flats for just a little pop of color.

Spring 2015 ~ Fashion Trends

You know what the best thing is out of fashion month? Is it actually finding the WEARABLE trends for spring 2015. These are outfits you can wear in your every day life. So here are my top eight fashion WEARABLE trends for Spring 2015.

Shirtdresses ~ In an anything but tame turn, designers reimagined this classic shape with drop waists, double high slits, and more.
Yellow ~ Before you scoff and say “that is not me,” hear me out. From amber and canary to saffron and marigold, trust that there is a shade of yellow for everyone. The trick is figuring out your skin’s undertone, then finding the hue that best complements it.
Gingham ~ Fall may have brought us proper plaids, but for spring it is all about the tiny check. The best part?
Blue and White ~ If black and white is too stark for you, this subtle version may be more your speed. Give it a try when you feel like making a statement with little to no color.
Head to Toe White ~ At this point, it is not about the rules of when you can wear all white; it is about how you wear it. New styling tricks include mixing textures, layering multiple pieces, and teaming various shades.
One Shoulder Cuts ~ Believe it or not, your shoulders have become the sexiest part of your body overnight! Show them off in these one shoulder tops and dresses that are perfect for date night.
Polo Style Shirts ~ Designers found a fun way to continue playing with sporty themes this season. Get ready to pop that collar and channel your inner prep.
Military Greens ~ Hit the army surplus store now because you are going to want all the necessary regalia come spring. Many designers took the literal route when it came to their creations, but you are better off choosing streamlined military style pieces that come in the olive drab shade.
Inspiration from Pinterest.