What Gretchen Wore

I went shopping….again.  I found this leopard print dress at the Michael Kors outlet in Myrtle Beach.  Originally $130, marked down to $59.99, and they were offering an additional 20% off that day.  I just added my black booties and a necklace to complete today’s look.  I am sorry for the quality of the picture…..I was in a hurry.



Flattering Items Every Woman Can Wear to Work

Are you tired of your normal day to day work wear?  Why not try something new or different. These are my suggestions to spice up your current wardrobe.  They are simple and easy, but they can really spruce up an ordinary outfit.

Brooch ~ Pin a fun brooch to a plain colored sweater.


Chunky Necklaces ~ A statement necklace can add some lift to a traditionally boring outfit.


Printed Blouse ~ A printed blouse always looks fashion forward while maintaining the appropriate dress code.


Pencil Skirt ~ A colored pencil skirt can kick things up a notch. You can pair it with another bold color or something more neutral.


Colored Heels ~ More conservative dressers can add color to any outfit by choosing some great heels. Red is always a classic go to, but teal, orange and bright yellow are all great choices as well.


Scarf ~ A scarf is another great way to add in some pattern to an otherwise neutral outfit. You can pick a silk one for a more dressed up feel.


Sheath Dress ~ A sheath dress is the perfect canvas to dress up with jewelry, heels or a sweater.


Stacked Bracelets ~ Stacked bracelets are a great way to create visual interest without having to buy new clothes.


Wrap Dress ~ A wrap dress is a perfect example of a universally flattering shape that will look good on all body types. A well fitting wrap dress will accentuate your curves and hide your trouble areas.


Tights ~ Depending how strict your work dress code is, printed tights can be a great addition to your wardrobe. Plenty of stores have subtle print patterns as well.


Plaid Blazer ~ Plaid blazers have become pretty popular this fall and can definitely be dressed up for a work wardrobe. A relaxed work dress code is best for something like this.


Long Necklace ~ Wear a long necklace with pullover sweaters.


Summer Dress ~ Pair a summer dress with tights, pumps and a cardigan to make it more fitting for the cold weather.


Leopard Print Belt ~ Any printed belt will do, but a leopard print belt will go with just about everything already in your wardrobe.


Tweed Skirt ~ Tweed skirts are great for winter with tights and a nice pair of leather boots. Sweater skirts are another alternative to look for.


Coat ~ Get a coat that is both flattering and fun. This coat is perfect for fall before it gets too cold.


Inspiration from Pinterest.

What To Wear To Work ~ Pretty Dresses Monday to Friday

Every woman can look pretty yet professional at the workplace with the right selection of apparels. Work appropriate skater or flare dresses are one of the best choices as they are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also suitable for almost any body shape. Just make sure the length of the dress is not too short and the fitting is right and you are good to go. Here is a guide to some great picks for a whole week at work.

Monday Blues? Look great in a pretty blue floral dress and chase away any negativity.
Trick Tuesday? What should I wear today? When you cannot make up your mind, a classic monochrome number may be your best answer.
Mono landscape
White Wednesday? In the mood for some accessorizing? A mono-color dress is perfect for this purpose. I love how the bright statement necklace and golden cardigan compliment the crisp white eyelet dress so well.
Thirsty Thursday? Looking for unique floral prints? The orchid is such a gorgeous flower yet it is seldom used as a print on dresses. I found this one, it is simply adorable.
Joaquim Portrait\
TGIF! It is end of the work week as well as date night…Choose a sassy leopard print dress. You can add a black jacket to tone down the look during work hours, and then loose the jacket for date night.
Inspiration from Pinterest.

What Gretchen Wore

Today after a full day at the office, I am going to be attending a Realtor event. I wanted to look stylish, yet be comfortable considering I will be in the same outfit for at least 12 hours. I choose my favorite magenta pencil skirt from Lane Bryant ($49.99), which I just featured on my July 16th blog. I paired my skirt with a leopard print blouse from Cato ($14.99) and added a statement necklace I purchased last weekend from Belk (on sale $12). I decided to complete the outfit with black strappy heels that I have had in my shoes collection for ages, as they never go out of style.

Bring Fall Fashion into Spring

When preparing your look for this spring season, do not forget about your fabulous fall fashion purchases. Fall fashion choices from last season can easily be transitioned right into the new spring season. In fact, many popular trends for 2014 were some of the top fashion choices for 2013 as well, just with a new twist or fresh new spin. I am definitely not one of those women who changes out her entire closet for the new year’s fashion changes. So if you are like me, just utilize what you have and implement some of the best fall fashion choices we saw last year, and wear them right into spring to stay in style and on budget! My top three items from fall to spring are trouser pants, button down shirts and pattern pieces. Luckily, trouser pants were one of the top fall fashion choices for 2013, and they are one of the best new trends for spring in 2014 as well. Wide legged varieties are the most popular type of trousers to wear. So if you have a pair of wide legged jeans or dress pants, feel free to wear them right into the spring season with no worries.
Button down shirts were also a popular trend last fall, and they are going to be big again this year. Button down blouses, skirts, and jackets are incredibly trendy for 2014.
Pattern prints of any kind were big last year, including my favorite leopard print. They are going to be popular this year again as well. Including anything from solid prints to plaids. All prints are a go this year in fashion trends. So pull out your favorite from fall and wear it right into spring. I wear leopard print year round!! This dress is from the The Loft for $69.99.
Inspiration from Pinterest.

My Favorite Color ~ Leopard Print

I love leopard print. It is my favorite pattern hands down. I consider it a neutral, but that is just me. However, leopard print can be a tricky trend to pull off. One minute you are looking all fabulous, and the next you have gone overboard, looking like a caricature of a soap opera star in her fifties. If you get it right, leopard print can look stylish and interesting. If you get it wrong, it can looks horrendous. Here are a couple of helpful tips, so you do not look like you are trying too hard. First of all, choose one piece at a time. It can be an entire dress if you want, or a jacket or a shoe, just not all together. You might think that once you have seen one leopard you have seen them all, but a leopard does change its spots. Prints and colors vary hugely between stores and designers. You might find that you cannot wear traditional leopard print because it is too orange, but a blue or grey might suit you. The shape of the spots makes a difference as well. Sometimes you need something subtle, especially for an important meeting in your office. If you are still testing the animal print waters, start small with a pair of shoes or a scarf. Everyone should own at least one piece of leopard print. Meow.