What Gretchen Wore

As the weather is finally becoming fall like down here in the south, I am able to accessorize with my new leopard print Infinity scarf from scarfand.com for only $15. If you like scarves, this website is awesome!! Today I am wearing a sleeveless dress I originally blogged about on September 23, 2014. On that day I wore the dress with only a necklace since it was still warm outstide. However, since it is a little chillier today, I added the scarf and black shug. I paired this look with my black ballet flats. Same dress, yet two completely different looks.

The Infinity Scarf

I am obsessed with the Infinity scarf this season. I just ordered a couple of them online a minute ago, and of course one of them was in a leopard print. Infinity scarves come in different makes, colors and sizes. They can be extremely oversized, lightweight or chunky, but one thing you need to understand is that these are the things that dictate the number of ways you can actually wear it. Suffice it to say that the bigger the circle and the wider the fabric, the more creative you can be. They are so versatile and can really liven up an outfit.
Inspiration from Pinterest.