Flattering Items Every Woman Can Wear to Work

Are you tired of your normal day to day work wear?  Why not try something new or different. These are my suggestions to spice up your current wardrobe.  They are simple and easy, but they can really spruce up an ordinary outfit.

Brooch ~ Pin a fun brooch to a plain colored sweater.


Chunky Necklaces ~ A statement necklace can add some lift to a traditionally boring outfit.


Printed Blouse ~ A printed blouse always looks fashion forward while maintaining the appropriate dress code.


Pencil Skirt ~ A colored pencil skirt can kick things up a notch. You can pair it with another bold color or something more neutral.


Colored Heels ~ More conservative dressers can add color to any outfit by choosing some great heels. Red is always a classic go to, but teal, orange and bright yellow are all great choices as well.


Scarf ~ A scarf is another great way to add in some pattern to an otherwise neutral outfit. You can pick a silk one for a more dressed up feel.


Sheath Dress ~ A sheath dress is the perfect canvas to dress up with jewelry, heels or a sweater.


Stacked Bracelets ~ Stacked bracelets are a great way to create visual interest without having to buy new clothes.


Wrap Dress ~ A wrap dress is a perfect example of a universally flattering shape that will look good on all body types. A well fitting wrap dress will accentuate your curves and hide your trouble areas.


Tights ~ Depending how strict your work dress code is, printed tights can be a great addition to your wardrobe. Plenty of stores have subtle print patterns as well.


Plaid Blazer ~ Plaid blazers have become pretty popular this fall and can definitely be dressed up for a work wardrobe. A relaxed work dress code is best for something like this.


Long Necklace ~ Wear a long necklace with pullover sweaters.


Summer Dress ~ Pair a summer dress with tights, pumps and a cardigan to make it more fitting for the cold weather.


Leopard Print Belt ~ Any printed belt will do, but a leopard print belt will go with just about everything already in your wardrobe.


Tweed Skirt ~ Tweed skirts are great for winter with tights and a nice pair of leather boots. Sweater skirts are another alternative to look for.


Coat ~ Get a coat that is both flattering and fun. This coat is perfect for fall before it gets too cold.


Inspiration from Pinterest.

Five Ways to Wear Oxblood

Tired of wearing black on black? We still have all fall and winter to go, so switch it up from your browns and blacks with this winter’s favorite neutral and must have hue – oxblood.  Somewhere between a bordeaux and a burgundy, this sultry dark red adds effortless sophistication to your everyday look. Whether you are rocking a designer piece or you are on a fashionista budget, there are so many easy ways to add this red wine accent.  Check out a few ways to slip into this sleek shade.

1) The jean ~ paired with black or brown booties, a chambray top and a messy bun, this look easily transitions from lounging around the apartment to taking a quick afternoon shopping trip.


2) The coat ~ pair it with a leather skirt and you are ready to hit the town….even in the snow. 4a0c0e4faf7dfcf9708214e8d6b98a36

3)  The vest ~ This one goes out to the biker chicks, the daredevils and those daring souls who are not afraid to test the limits. How about an oxblood leather vest?  If you are in, here is a cool new way to wear a classic leather vest.


4)  The sweater ~ Easy, breezy, oxblood sweater.  It is going to get cold ladies, and this flirtatious shade looks good on just about anyone.  Style suggestion ~ pair with patterned tights, short booties and a long gold necklace.


5) The dress ~ Everyone’s favorite is the party dress.


Inspiration from Pinterest.

What Gretchen Wore

This is a perfect example of how you take a summer dress and make it work in the fall.  I bought this dress at Old Navy back in June for only $8. I have been wearing it all summer with sandals. Today I added a black cardigan and my Nine West booties to bring the look into the cooler months.  So I get to wear this cotton dress year round. The chevron necklace is from Ann Taylor Loft and the chunky silver bracelet is from Charming Charlie.


By the way, the scene behind me is the view from my office window.  I am a lucky girl.

What Gretchen Wore

I have a funny story about today’s outfit.  I found this jacket on a sale rack at Steinmart a couple of months ago. The tag indicated it retailed for $89, but Steimart’s price was $39.99.  However, it was now on the sale rack for $19. I was in line getting ready to checkout, when I overheard the lady ahead of me ask about their instore coupon on sale items.  So when it was my turn to checkout, I asked if I could use the instore coupon and the sales lady said yes.  I purchased this jacket for $11.  But here is the funny part….I get home all excited about my $11 jacket and show my son.  I tell him the whole savings story. He proceeds to tell me it is the most hideous jacket he has ever seen. Thank you for sugar coating your feeling Darren, geez.  Anyway, I love it.  Today, I paired it over a black dress today and added my red peep toe pumps for a pop of color.  This jacket is so versatile because of the colors….it will go with numerous items in my wardrobe.  What does a 25 year old young man know about fashion anyway….LOL.


What Gretchen Wore

I am a little obsessed with polka dots right now.  I found this black and white polka dot dress last weekend when I was looking for something completely different of course.  The sale at Macy’s was just too good to pass up!  Everything on their sale racks was 75% off.  I added a little pop of color with my fuchsia peep toes pump.  When the weather starts to get a little chilly, I will just add the black fitted jacket I already own.  By the way, a black fitted jacket is a must have for fall / winter.

best withoutbest with jacket

Please ignore my squinty eyes and blowing hair.  The wind and sun were not cooperating with this photo shoot.

What Gretchen Wore

I received my next piece from Gwynniebee.com. Just a reminder, if you are unaware of what Gwynniebee.com is, check out my blog from December 9th. I am not a huge fan of the paisley print on this shift dress, but wanted to share the look anyway. If you like a dress or top but think the print is too busy, I suggest adding a cardigan or jacket to tone down the look.