What Gretchen Wore

I received my next piece from Gwynniebee.com. Just a reminder, if you are unaware of what Gwynniebee.com is, check out my blog from December 9th. I am not a huge fan of the paisley print on this shift dress, but wanted to share the look anyway. If you like a dress or top but think the print is too busy, I suggest adding a cardigan or jacket to tone down the look.

Clothes Without Commitment

Want the fun of fashion and trying new items without the commitment of purchasing them? I found this website http://www.gwynniebee.com. It is for women who are size 10 to 32. Here is how it works. You start a personal collection by creating a free account and adding clothes to your online closet. Then when you sign up, you choose how many items you want to receive at a time. The more items you want to keep at a time, the more expensive the plan. I chose to try one piece at a time, and the first trial month is only $10 plus tax. After the first month, the price for one piece at a time is $35 a month. Choose the plan that fits your needs. You can have as many as 10 pieces at a time for $159 a month. If you love the item they send you, you can purchase the item. The company will let you know how much each item is when they send it to you. As soon as you are done wearing the item, you return it in the postage paid envelope. When they receive it, another item will be sent to you. It is like Netflix for clothing! My first piece arrived today. Stayed tuned for tomorrow to see what I received.