How to Style Black Pants in the Office

So many women wear black, grey or brown slacks in the office, but it can become such a uniform it becomes dull and boring. Today I thought I would share some ideas on styling your black pants with a little more zest. You can create a dramatic and high contrast look with an achromatic color scheme. Black and white is achromatic versus monochromatic, which is all one color.
You can create an analogous color scheme. An analogous color scheme is where the similiar colors are next to each other, such as blue, teal and green. This adds a subtle contrast in a sophisticated way.
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Become inspired by bold colors and create your own flair. Do not forget the leopard print belt and shoes for that extra spice.
You can easily take any of these inspirations and make them more or less dressy depending on your work dress code. Inspiration from Pinterest.

Three Easy Ways to Dress up an Outfit

Fall fashion is not necessarily known as the dressiest of the seasons. Even though the runways are often filled with high fashion elements, the way real women wear fall pieces usually ends up falling more on the casual end of the spectrum. Comfortable pieces that can keep you warm, like jeans, boots and jackets. These become go-tos for daily outings, and it can be a challenge to dress them up. Here are three simple tips to dress up your fall outfit without breaking the bank.

1. Add Sparkle. A studded jacket or a metallic blazer or biker jacket can dress up even jeans and a tee! A metal belt can add instant glamour to an all black outfit, and you cannot go wrong with a sequin or glitter clutch.
2. Add Texture. Fringe can add a luxe element and elevate a look instantly, as can metallic embroidery, delicate lace, and rich leathers. Try a cream mohair cardigan for an especially high end texture!
3. Add Exoticism. You basically cannot go wrong with an animal print in the cooler months. Try a leopard ankle bootie or a snakeskin handbag or pump.
Inspiration from Pinterest.

Color ~ Texture ~ Shine

Do you remember the TLC hit show What Not to Wear with Stacy London and Clinton Kelly? It was my all time favorite show, and I never missed an episode. In fact, my DVR still holds several episodes that I treasure. One of my favorite pieces of advice from the show was the color-texture-shine rule. It is what turns an only alright outfit into a complete put together look. Want to give it a try? All you have to do is accessorize your favorite outfit choosing accessories of different colors, interesting textures or glam shine.

Color ~ Try a cashmere Infinity style to liven up a plain black and white shirt, or how about a pair of hot pink pumps to bring a neutral colored outfit to life.
Texture ~ Fall and Winter clothing is especially texture rich, so now is the time to wear those outfits. A pair of textured tights can add that extra spark to an outfit. A leather jacket gives you a little edge without looking too much like a biker when wore over a striped dress.
Shine ~ Shiny clothing is not the only way to add sparkle to your outfits. Think arm candy like big metallic cuffs and cocktail rings. Metallic and patent belts and footwear, or a sparkly clutch are other effective ways to add shine to your look.
Inspiration from Pinterest.

Transitioning Your Wardrobe From Summer to Fall ~ Do’s and Don’ts

It is hot outside. No wait, now I am freezing! How am I supposed to pick an outfit?! If this internal monologue sounds just a bit too familiar, you will want to pay attention. I have several fashion tips for what to wear during that tricky transition between summer and fall.

DO add tights to summer dresses. As you transition into fall, do not take your favorite summer frocks out of rotation. Throw on opaque tights under your pretty dress, and your friends will be too distracted by your put together ensemble to notice just how familiar it actually is.
DON’T let layering get the best of you. Layering is the perfect strategy for extending your summer faves into fall, but keep it simple to avoid looking like you are being eaten alive by your own outfit. They key is make sure you have no more than three levels of layering going on.
DO stretch out sandal season. One way to turn hard core fall pieces into great transition looks? Pair them with sandals. Keep your toes exposed as long as you can to make the start of fall flirty.
DON’T overdo it with accessories. A fun scarf, pretty knit cap or dramatic belt are your best friends when transitioning your wardrobe into fall….just do not bring ‘em all out to play at once.
DO try this cool color combo. Khaki, white and your favorite jeans are a never fail combination. You could invest in a neutral jacket, then you would have about a trillion easy, stylish fall outfits on your hands.
DON’T bare your midriff. Rolling up sleeves or cuffing pants? Fab-fabbity-fab ideas for fall transition wear. Trying to pull the same thing off with your shirt hem? Just DON’T!
DO start wearing fall hues. Channel those changing leaves. As you transition your wardrobe, start dabbling in fall’s signature hues like orange, red, rust and mustard yellow.
DON’T wear it if you are swimming in it. We get excited about wearing our favorite pieces from last fall too, but we always make sure that they still fit before resurrecting them.
DO become best friends with the scarf. Between seasons, a scarf will update any outfit. I dare you to try it out this fall.
DON’T bring hiking gear off the mountain. With the zillion adorable fall jackets you could pick, why choose your hiking fleece? “Camper-chic” just is not a term in my fashion vocabulary.
DO mix it up on the bottom. Try tailored leggings with your fall separates as a surprising alternative to shorts and trousers.
DON’T be a walking peep show. Avoid overexposure by being vigilant about fall’s semi-sheer fabrics. What is opaque in your bedroom may not be kosher once you step out into daylight.
DO be ready at a moment’s notice. Snag a tip from the Boy Scouts and be Prepared. Keep a pair of rain boots at your desk for the crazy ups and downs transition weather.
DO go tights-free as long as possible. If summer sticks around, go ahead and bare your gorgeous legs. You can give a nod to fall by opting for dark shoes and heavier fabrics on bottom instead of stockings.

How to Update Your Blazer

Apparently I am on a blazer kick, so bare with me. Blazers are the ultimate work wear piece for fall and winter. However, like any staple they can start to feel a little drab over time. Here are three ways to jazz up the blazers you already have in your closet.

1. Add a brooch ~ Embellish your blazer with a brooch as an alternative to wearing jewelry.
2. Add a belt ~ Belts are the ultimate accessory this fall, so do not be shy about belting your blazers to give them a new shape and style.
3. Add a scarf ~ Play with different colored scarves to liven up your blazer and change your entire look.
Inspiration from Pinterest.

Monday Looks

Mondays do not have to be all doom and gloom. Adding color to your wardrobe can not only brighten your look, but liven up the entire office. If you are feeling bored with your current choices it might be time to freshen up your wardrobe, and it can be easier than you think! By re-evaluating your neutrals and picking up a few new pieces, you can add liveliness and color to any ensemble. You can begin brightening your wardrobe with just a few small pieces, such as a scarf or statement necklace in a pretty fall color. Remember that one lone pop of color will not necessarily brighten your full ensemble. For example, do not wear all black and then add bright pink shoes. If you do the eye will be drawn toward your shoes as opposed to your full outfit. Instead, make your outfit flow by adding another piece that complements the focal point of what you are wearing. Do not be afraid to experiment.
Inspiration from Pinterest.