Five Ways to Wear Oxblood

Tired of wearing black on black? We still have all fall and winter to go, so switch it up from your browns and blacks with this winter’s favorite neutral and must have hue – oxblood.  Somewhere between a bordeaux and a burgundy, this sultry dark red adds effortless sophistication to your everyday look. Whether you are rocking a designer piece or you are on a fashionista budget, there are so many easy ways to add this red wine accent.  Check out a few ways to slip into this sleek shade.

1) The jean ~ paired with black or brown booties, a chambray top and a messy bun, this look easily transitions from lounging around the apartment to taking a quick afternoon shopping trip.


2) The coat ~ pair it with a leather skirt and you are ready to hit the town….even in the snow. 4a0c0e4faf7dfcf9708214e8d6b98a36

3)  The vest ~ This one goes out to the biker chicks, the daredevils and those daring souls who are not afraid to test the limits. How about an oxblood leather vest?  If you are in, here is a cool new way to wear a classic leather vest.


4)  The sweater ~ Easy, breezy, oxblood sweater.  It is going to get cold ladies, and this flirtatious shade looks good on just about anyone.  Style suggestion ~ pair with patterned tights, short booties and a long gold necklace.


5) The dress ~ Everyone’s favorite is the party dress.


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Ten Ways to Wear Ankle Boots

The best part about the upcoming fall ~ winter season has got to be all the fabulous pair of boots. One such boot is the ankle boot.  I am seeing them everywhere. These booties are an asset to any wardrobe and are a great solution for ladies living in warmer climates where it is ridiculous to wear high boots in the barely there winter. Get your hands on a pair or few as I give you styling tips on different ways to wear ankle boots. Get ready to nail some serious winter style!

1. Wear a spunky pair of wedge heeled or chunky heeled ankle boots with your favorite pair of skinnies or trusty leggings to add a dash of chic to your daily dressing. Tucked in or out….cute booties can really posh up a simple ensemble.

2. Layering is a good way to always look trendy, especially in the cold weather. A cool and unexpected way to achieve a nice layered style can be with socks on top of your leggings peeping out above a cool pair of laced-up booties.


3. Another trendy way to amp up your everyday style is by rolling or cuffing your denims just to the top of your ankle boots. You will be surprised how skinny it will make you look.


4. Pairing your dress with ankle boots is a super way to take it up a notch. Make sure your dress ends much above the knee to make your legs look slender and long. A tip to remember is the higher the boots, the shorter the hemline.


5. Jazz up your classic LBD with a metallic pair of stiletto booties or ankle boots in a bright red or pink to bring some edge to your party wardrobe.


6. When rolling your jeans, you can also experiment with folding them a little higher then usual so there is a small gap between the boots and your skinnies, enough to expose a bit of your ankle. This can transform your whole outfit while highlighting the skinny area of your ankles.

7. Ankle boots can be worn with shorts as well for a chic, new style. Wear stiletto booties with a cute pair of shorts to add a glam twist to it for a night on the town.  For a more dressed down look, pair your shorts with flat ankle boots, giving you a very cowgirl feel.

8. Sport high top ankle boots with slim-cut trousers, a sophisticated blouse a skinny belt and a blazer to really take your office style up a few notches.

9. Look anything but boring by styling a girly skirt with spunky pair of booties and a leather jacket for some rocker-chic glam.


10. Believe it or not but the chunkiness of an ankle boot compliment the femininity of a flowy maxi skirt amazingly. Pick a semi-sheer maxi so you can flaunt your boots through it while staying warm at the same time.


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New York City

I just returned from four crazy days in New York City. I was there to sight see and play tourist, since it was my first visit. I could have people watched for hours and hours. What an exciting city. I noticed that living in New York without good ankle boots is like living in Hawaii without solid sandals. Pretty much every woman I saw had on a pair. Sporty anoraks and army jackets are especially popular as well. Perhaps it is the whole “urban warrior” notion, or maybe it is the fact that they walk everywhere, so you really, really need things like this for bad weather days. It was chilly while I was there, so most people were bundled up. I learned it is all about layering there. They have to dress for the swing of temperatures that comes with leaving their apartment at 7am when it is bristling, then walking five blocks to get lunch at 1pm when it is no jacket needed weather. Layering makes deconstructing and building outfits back up so much easier, and thick scarves are the cheat sheet to that. Some girls carry multiple purses or use an extra canvas tote to stash the gym clothes or lunch they are bringing to work. Most girls I saw had it all in one big bag. Together these items make up the stereotypical New York wardrobe. I would return in a hot minute!!

How to Wear Ankle Boots

It took me a while to get on board with the ankle boot trend, mostly because I felt like they made women’s feet look chunky, and cut off the leg line. Who knows what happened, but I could no longer resist them? Now I own a couple of pairs of them in different colors. Along the way I have discovered a few ways to wear them so they are flattering. There are so many fun ones out there: wedge, heel, flat, laced, or buckled. And they are a big trend again this fall — so you really should own a pair. Check out the pictures below. There are ten great ways to wear your booties. And remember, you do not need these exact pairs to create great outfits — use these outfits as inspiration to wear your ankle boots well, no matter what style they are!