The Rule of Three

I know you have heard the expression “things happen in threes”. The Rule of Three is the principle that things that come in threes are inherently funnier, more aesthetically pleasing, or more effective, than other grouped number of things.  Even slogans and catchphrases are regularly three words…”Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”…”Stop, Drop and Roll.”

So, how does this apply to fashion?  It is simple…the third piece in an outfit adds pizzazz to an otherwise basic outfit, making you look more stylish and put together. Essentially, it is a simple trick that creates more chic outfits.  Start with your basic shirt and jeans, then add a scarf as your third piece.  This adds visual interest and pulls the entire look together.  You could take a simple A-line skirt and blouse and add a statement necklace jazzing up your office look.  The third piece could also be a jacket, cardigan or vest as well.  The third piece just completes any look.  Try it!!

5 Styling Tricks for a Slimmer Silhouette

While the holidays mean many great things, such as food, family and friends, fun…it also presents quite a few challenges, like sticking to an exercise routine or eating right.  Here are five easy styling tricks that will keep your figure looking trim while you work off those holidays calories you consumed.

Vertical Patterns

 Stripes, lines, and even prints with a vertical orientation naturally draw the eye up and down…rather than side to side, the way horizontally oriented patterns do.  This makes your figure appear longer and narrower.

Monochromatic Outfits

Creating an entire look from the same color works the same way vertical prints do. Color is the first thing almost anyone will notice about what you are wearing, and wearing one hue head to toe creates a visually unbroken, vertical line.

Helpful Hemlines

Where a skirt falls on your leg may seem like a minor detail, but it can go a long way toward slimming your entire figure. A good rule of thumb to follow: The hemline of your skirt should hit the slimmest part of your leg. For most women this is either just above or below the knee, or just under the swell of the calf (making on-trend midi-skirts a flattering option for almost everyone).

Slenderizing Textiles

You know the amazing effect shapewear has on your figure. Why not try clothing that works the same way? Certain textiles, like ponte knits or neoprene-esque “scuba” fabrics, are easy to find in an array of great styles, and have the same smoothing, slimming effect as your favorite foundation garment.

Accessorize to Scale

It is a no brainer that slipping on a pair of heels adds height and makes you look slimmer, but a lesser-known trick is that other accessories can work wonders as well. Bigger baubles make surrounding areas seem proportionately smaller—try a statement necklace, for example, to minimize a larger bust. On the petite side? Smaller bags can help you avoid visually overwhelming your frame.

Flattering Items Every Woman Can Wear to Work

Are you tired of your normal day to day work wear?  Why not try something new or different. These are my suggestions to spice up your current wardrobe.  They are simple and easy, but they can really spruce up an ordinary outfit.

Brooch ~ Pin a fun brooch to a plain colored sweater.


Chunky Necklaces ~ A statement necklace can add some lift to a traditionally boring outfit.


Printed Blouse ~ A printed blouse always looks fashion forward while maintaining the appropriate dress code.


Pencil Skirt ~ A colored pencil skirt can kick things up a notch. You can pair it with another bold color or something more neutral.


Colored Heels ~ More conservative dressers can add color to any outfit by choosing some great heels. Red is always a classic go to, but teal, orange and bright yellow are all great choices as well.


Scarf ~ A scarf is another great way to add in some pattern to an otherwise neutral outfit. You can pick a silk one for a more dressed up feel.


Sheath Dress ~ A sheath dress is the perfect canvas to dress up with jewelry, heels or a sweater.


Stacked Bracelets ~ Stacked bracelets are a great way to create visual interest without having to buy new clothes.


Wrap Dress ~ A wrap dress is a perfect example of a universally flattering shape that will look good on all body types. A well fitting wrap dress will accentuate your curves and hide your trouble areas.


Tights ~ Depending how strict your work dress code is, printed tights can be a great addition to your wardrobe. Plenty of stores have subtle print patterns as well.


Plaid Blazer ~ Plaid blazers have become pretty popular this fall and can definitely be dressed up for a work wardrobe. A relaxed work dress code is best for something like this.


Long Necklace ~ Wear a long necklace with pullover sweaters.


Summer Dress ~ Pair a summer dress with tights, pumps and a cardigan to make it more fitting for the cold weather.


Leopard Print Belt ~ Any printed belt will do, but a leopard print belt will go with just about everything already in your wardrobe.


Tweed Skirt ~ Tweed skirts are great for winter with tights and a nice pair of leather boots. Sweater skirts are another alternative to look for.


Coat ~ Get a coat that is both flattering and fun. This coat is perfect for fall before it gets too cold.


Inspiration from Pinterest.

What Gretchen Wore

This is a perfect example of how you take a summer dress and make it work in the fall.  I bought this dress at Old Navy back in June for only $8. I have been wearing it all summer with sandals. Today I added a black cardigan and my Nine West booties to bring the look into the cooler months.  So I get to wear this cotton dress year round. The chevron necklace is from Ann Taylor Loft and the chunky silver bracelet is from Charming Charlie.


By the way, the scene behind me is the view from my office window.  I am a lucky girl.

Making a Statement

Statement necklaces are my very favorite accessory!! They are the perfect way to complete an outfit and add a little wow factor. I know they may seem a little overwhelming to some due to the size, but they can add so much to an otherwise simple or basic outfit.  If you are scared of the statement necklace, then check out these easy ways to wear them… and as you look at these outfits, think about how simple and / or boring they would be without a statement necklace. They really are the perfect addition to liven up an outfit.


This pink statement necklace was just what it needed to pull the pink stripes and pink bows all together. Acting as a cohesive element, this statement necklace makes the outfit complete.


With a monochromatic dark blue outfit like this, brighten it up with a light and bright piece like this fun yellow bubble necklace. The contrast of dark to bright makes the necklace really stand out and draws attention up toward your face.


The combination of mint and white creates such a clean, fresh palette. Adding a necklace in the same hue as the top completes the look without taking away from the clean look.


When wearing a t-shirt, you want to make sure it looks intentional. So add a sparkly statement necklace, and your outfit looks purposeful and put together.


For a simple outfit, like denim on denim, try a fun statement necklace combo, like this large and small bubble necklace.


For outfits with one or two neutral colors, add a pop of color to brighten things up the look.


A simple maxi dress like this is gorgeous, but adding a big chunky statement necklace adds some interest up at the neckline and completes the look.


When you wear a collared shirt, the collar is just asking to be paired with a statement necklace. A big sparkly necklace also looks so great under a peter pan collar.


Sometimes just a hint of statement is all that is needed. Pair this yellow bubble necklace with a bright sweater and shoes, but tone down all the brightness by partially covering it with a khaki cargo vest.

Inspiration from Pinterest.

Old Sweater ~ New Idea

I am willing fall weather to hit South Carolina with every blog post.  It is my favorite season for fashion. So here a quick tip about boot warmers. Of course, you can purchase new boot warmers.  But why not get creative with an old sweater and make your own…..for free.  It is as simple as cutting off part of the sleeves. This way there is no sewing required.  What a cool idea, huh?


Inspiration from Pinterest.