Fashion Trends ~ They Come & Go

The best and worst thing about fashion is that it is continuously changing. Fashion is fickle.  Now is the time to get rid of the old and embrace the new. If you were wondering what the wardrobe must-haves are, or what is no longer considered fashionable, check out my list below.

Faded out ~ poms poms, denim overalls, overly ripped jeans, corset belts, sheer blouses

Going strong ~ minimalist clothing, puffed sleeves, denim on denim, floral prints, trench coats, flared trousers, well-fitted jeans, tailored blazers

Fuchsia Friday ~

Fuchsia is one of my favorite colors to wear when an outfit needs to be shaken up a bit. Whether you prefer bright jewel tones or soft subtle hues, try infusing just a hint (or a whole lot) of fuchsia into your usual routine. I promise, it will make you feel happier.  I have found some fun, practical, pretty and easy ways to show you how to wear this color.  Here are some examples.


Inspiration from Pinterest.

Back to School Looks ~

Let’s face it, dressing for life as a teacher can be difficult. At the elementary level, it is important to walk the line between looking professional and not caring whether you get paint or glue on your outfit. If your students are older, the challenge becomes to look stylish without attracting unwanted attention or comments from teenage fashionistas. Not to mention, all teachers spend a lot of time on their feet and need to be comfortable from the first bell to the last.  Whether you are looking to do some back-to-school shopping or just remix your closet, here are some ideas.

Inspiration from Pinterest.

What Gretchen Wore

Now is the perfect time to find some really good deals on summer items.  I found this dress, marked down to $29.94 at Steinmart.  I had a gift card (thank you Valerie), so basically this dress cost me $2.80.  When the weather starts to cool down, I will just add a jacket and boots to take this dress into fall.  Score!!



Stop Ruining Your Look

You may be ruining your entire look without even realizing it.  However, do not stress! For every problem, there is a super simple fix that will make it all better.

Problem:  Your sweater has nipples on the shoulders from hanging.  Solution:  First of all, I do not hang my sweaters.  It will stretch them out.  If you want to hang them, fold them over the hanger or get fuzzy that hold your sweater in place.

Problem:  Your hang loops are showing. Solution:  I always cut them out.   However if you insist on leaving them on, then either hang the garments on fuzzy, felted hangers, or just fold them. And never hang anything with stretchy straps. The straps will stretch out over time just from the weight of the garment and then you will have to have them shortened in order to make the dress fit again.

Problem:  The belt that came with the dress.  99% of the time when a dress is sold with a belt, both pieces are probably inexpensive and were sold together to create some false illusion of value, especially if the belt is just one of those thin, faux leather throwaways. Solution:  Ditch the belt the dress came with, and invest in a good belt.  A good belt is like a piece of jewelry….it can bring the entire look together.

Problem:  Those stringy belt loops on the sides of your dress are making it look super cheap. Those loops are really only there so that stores has a way to display the belt on the garment.  Solution:  Cut them off. Belt loops on these sorts of garments are not really functional anyway.  You know where your waist is. Tie the belt there.  Again, invest in a great belt.

Problem:  The flaps on the back of your new jacket still sewn together?  Solution:  Cut it out…..are you seeing a trend here?

Problem:  Wrinkles.  Wrinkles are a reality of life. But the fact is you look disheveled and disorganized and, honestly, kind of lazy. Solution:  Ironing or steaming your clothes when you want to wear them is a hassle, so just hang and fold your clothes with better care to prevent wrinkles in the first place.


White Wednesday ~

The color white, which technically is the absence of color, can be just as low maintenance as black.  It also has the advantage of being slimming in these summer months.  Here are some looks you should give a whirl:



Inspirations from Pinterest.


Fashion Mistakes ~ How to Correct Them

You can go to the gym all the time, eat your fruits and vegetables, take your vitamins, and end up with the figure of your dreams…but then you can spoil it all by choosing the wrong outfit. Alternatively, you could have no shortage of imperfections that can be easily hidden by choosing the right clothes.

Large Squares ~ Clothes that have a large checkered pattern can completely kill your figure. They look stylish, but they give the impression that you are several inches wider at the hips. Instead, go for designs with neutral prints or just plain colors. If you really love checkered designs and cannot imagine your wardrobe without them, select items with small rather than large squares.


Horizontal Print ~ Horizontal prints give the impression of a much larger figure than you actually have. But if you love striped clothing, do not despair. All you need to do is change their direction: vertical stripes achieve the opposite, making you look taller and slimmer. Alternatively, you can always opt for a classic combination of different colored items.


Too Much Decorations ~ Endless ruffles, folds, and frills add at least a couple of sizes to your appearance. Try to choose clothing with the minimal amount of decorations, such as a zip-up skirt which will lengthen your figure or vertically striped clothing as described above.

35d pic

Large prints with horizontal elements ~ Large prints make you look heavier and wider, whilst sandals with long laces going up your legs make you appear shorter. On the other hand, a sharp neckline and a slit in your skirt can make you look taller. Take care to select things made with just one color, and choose shoes that are close to your skin tone. This will also help you look taller and slimmer.

4th pic5

Boat Neckline ~ A boat neckline on a dress can give the impression that you are a lot heavier than you really are, whereas a V-shaped neckline with cleavage can make you look truly elegant. Remember how we advised you to avoid clothing with additional folds? Pay attention to how much wider the waist appears in the left-hand image here.

5the pic

Wide horizontal stripes ~ The only thing worse than horizontal stripes on clothing is wide and bright horizontal stripes. The kind of skirt seen in the left-hand picture is the best outfit…if your goal is to turn an elegant figure into a shapeless sack. A dress with a single color, a tiny print, and a wide black belt at the waist, on the other hand, will emphasize your best features and make you look much slimmer.

6th pic5

Bright Colors ~ Bright colors make you look larger to a much greater extent than more subtle tones do. Take a look at these images of two identical striped tops — the only difference between them is their color. On the left, the girl’s waist and shoulders appear much fuller than on the right, where the stripes of her top are much paler. The lower halves of the two outfits also differ — black usually makes someone look slimmer, but the design can ruin the effect. The wide, dress-like pants on the left make the girl look much larger compared to the effect of her outfit on the right.


Inspiration from Brightside.