Look Effortlessly Elegant All The Time

Could it be true? Are some people just born with style? Or is it all just an a facade? Elegance and style are more of a mindset, and I truly believe that it is a work in progress. If you want to portray yourself as an elegant and confident person, you can! I love the statement, “fake it until you make it”, because it is so true!! Here are some tips on how you can look effortlessly elegant all the time.

GOOD POSTURE ~ Standing tall and with confidence is probably the easiest way to covey elegance to everyone you meet. A good posture is standing straight, shoulders back, and head held straightforward. It may be uncomfortable at first, but it gets easier with practice. You may not know it, but faking confidence is the best way to GET CONFIDENCE. Seriously, it is the secret that all those who have confidence know and still rely on. Confidence is elegance – always.

GET GROOMED ~ Elegance essentially radiates from within but can be shown on the outside as well. The more well put together you look the more people will take note of your appearance. Take a trip to the salon and trim those split ends, get yourself a flattering haircut, and take care of your hair. For nails, make sure you keep them short or mid-length. Use any nail polish color you want. But for a more elegant look use neutrals such as beige, pink, or keep them clear. Remember, you want to put together a cohesive overall look.

ACCESSORIZE ~ The key to looking elegant at all times is wearing simple accessories and wearing them as a statement everyday. Have a favorite pair of earrings? Wear them all the time. Have a simple pearl necklace? Wear that. Rings? Wear one.

TAILORED WARDROBE ~ Invest in classic wardrobe pieces that resonate with your style or desired style. If you want to go for a specially elegant look: get pieces in black, white, pink, and grey. Stick to a neutral palette and get those pieces tailored. A great fitting wardrobe shows style and elegance. And to be honest, once you get pieces that fit, you will not have to keep buying the same pieces over and over. Well tailored pieces can be kept for years. Your wardrobe and wallet will be happy.

MAKEUP ~ If you want an elegant makeup look, opt for red lips or neutral shades. Keep makeup simple and minimal. White or skin colored eyeshadow, black or brown eyeliner, and minimal contouring and blush. That overdone contoured look does slim your face and bring out your cheekbones, but being too hallowed out can make you look malnourished.

COMMUNICATION ~ Elegance is also how you make others feel and the secret to making others think “elegance” when they think of you is to be kind and helpful. I never approach others with an attitude. I smile, even if my day is not going too well. I open doors for others, because it is a kindness.
You can never be too kind or have too many manners. Communicate your elegance and people will notice. Always be kind!

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