Mixing Prints ~

I know it is probably one of the scariest trends to attempt, but once you get a handle on mixing prints, it can change your life! You can start creating combinations you would have never even considered before. So break out of your wardrobe rut and start mixing patterns. It is easier than you think. Keep the following three tips in mind when mixing prints. Make sure that one color repeats in each piece of the outfit. Combine loose prints with structured prints, such as swirls with stripes. Blend small designs with larger ones. Mixing a floral skirt with a soft striped top looks comfortable and cozy, yet still put together.

A plaid button down shirt with a structured blazer with the sleeves rolled up so the plaid shows is super chic. Throw on a leopard print scarf and boom! Pair this with a dark wash jean for a casual yet sophisticated look. If you pair the same button down checked top with a polka dot skirt, you are ready for the office.

Here is another example of mixing a floral with stripes. The tweed jacket and dark wash jean add the neutrality this outfit needs to work.

The possibilities are endless. Try some of these looks below for yourself.


Inspiration from Pinterest

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