STOP Wearing Pajamas in Public — Now

This is my number one pet peeve!!  If you are a grown person who has not recently been diagnosed with a mental disorder, and you have gone out in public in your pajamas, you need to know you look like an idiot.  Unfortunately, wearing pj’s in public is not a new thing, nor is the misguided notion that pajamas can be somehow fashionable.  It is just wrong.  I get it. You were in a hurry; your pajamas are comfy; you are just dashing to the grocery store for coffee filters; you plan to spend the day in your bathrobe anyway.  TOO BAD. I am also at that grocery store, and just before leaving the house I spent an entire half-minute pulling on this pair of blue jeans and a hoodie, so that you would not have to see me in the striped flannel bottoms and the holey v-neck I wore to bed last night.  OK, rant over!!

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