Fashion Tips to Make You Look Taller

Happy Monday ya’ll.  The right clothing and accessories can literally make you appear taller and leaner. But the wrong style choices will have the exact opposite effect.  Check out these tips to make you appear taller.

~ You can look taller by wearing matching dark color suits. When, you wear dark matching outfits, it eliminates minor imperfections such as shadows and wrinkles because they blend in with the fabrics. You can choose to wear navy blue, dark green, brown, charcoal etc.

~ Avoid wearing clothes that does not fit you. Rather wear clothes that fit you as your torso would seem long than short.

~ High heels can also make you look somewhat taller. However shoes with massive heels actually can make you look shorter so it is better to choose a medium heel height.

~ Separate the upper part of your body and the base in differentiating colors. This will make your lower half seem longer – for instance, wearing high-waisted shorts. Wearing long shirts will make you seem shorter.

~ Your posture also goes a long way. When you stand straight or keep your spine straight, and having your head up high, you will look taller than you actually look.

~ V-neck areas and dresses with hemlines that can reach the top of the knee or higher are other fashion tips that may also help you look taller.

~ Fitted Jeans with an unmistakable flare at the base make the deception of a longer leg, particularly when the hem hits the highest point of your shoes.  The trick here is to keep the fit of the jean super-thin through the leg, and to ensure the waistband hits your natural waist — not any lower. For ideal stature, make sure to match your flares with a waist-length top, or a shirt you can tuck in.

~ Go super short or super long (to avoid calf length and knee-lengths) – if you decide to go for shorts, the go for super short. For petite women, as regards skirts and dresses, you should either go for a super long or super short. Wearing a mini skirt will help you show more of your skin which will in turn create an illusion of a long leg.

~ Lastly, one of the popular fashion tips for petite women is wearing vertical stripes. Wearing things that have stripes going straight here and there offer you some assistance with looking taller, instead of level stripes that will make you look big. Pinstripes likewise can definitely enhance your tallness.

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