Oversized Cardigan ~ Don’t Look Frumpy

Oversized cardigans are all the rage these days…….I can see why. They are cozy, and make for an easy layer.  However, here is the thing…..they can be unflattering. Here are some general guidelines to stick with when wearing an oversized cardigan.

~ Consider the weight of the cardigan when you buy it. Look for a nice, heavy material but also one that is not overly “puffy” if you know what I mean.  No one wants to look “puffy”.


~ Layer a top underneath that fits close to the body.  Add a fitted t-shirt or thin blouse that does not add a thick weight, making you look bulky underneath.


~ Consider wearing a higher waist pant and tucking your top in to visually create your waist line. Having a waist below all that material is a good thing.


~ I prefer oversized cardigans that hit mid-thigh or below. I find ones that hit closer to the hip area just draw attention to and add bulk to, well, the hip area. Nobody wants to draw attention there!


Inspiration from Pinterest.

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