New Year ~ Resolutions

We have all been there…it is a new year, and we vow to make changes.  Perhaps you want to hit the gym, attack a big project at work, or take a spontaneous vacation. Or maybe, if you are anything like me, you resolve to get your wardrobe in check.  As we begin 2019, we are armed with a long list of fashion resolutions to kick start the New Year. While we all want to toss clothing we have not worn in a while, and infuse a little more life into our current wardrobes, our resolutions go way beyond the traditional go-tos. Read these tips below, and pick out a few you want to tackle yourself in 2019.

  1. Step out of your comfort zone and try a bold trend…….at least once.

  2. Appreciate the essentials. It may be the year to try new things, but infuse them into your look one at a time, taking care to build your 2019 wardrobe of essentials first, head turning trends second.

  3. Trade in your never-take-them-off daily earrings in favor of a bold dangly earring.

  4. Force yourself to wear more color, especially on those days you just want to slip into head to toe black.

  5. Do a full closet clean out. Anything you have not worn in the last year goes.

  6. Take better care of the clothing you love most. That means trips to the tailor and shoe repair before your favorite pieces are too far gone.

  7. Throw your grandma’s fashion faux pas out the window: Wear suede in the summer, pair deep black with hues of navy, and rock the white after Labor Day look.

  8. While on the subject of our grandmothers, look to her for wardrobe inspiration. 2019 is the year to try a big scarf, midi skirt or a statement brooch.

  9. Buy less, but shop more smartly. An investment piece is certainly not a decision to make flippantly, but raise your sophistication level for 2019 by avoiding thoughtless fast fashion purchases.

  10. Do not take yourself too seriously…….both in your wardrobe and in life.

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