Sweaters ~ Mix up Your Wardrobe

Brrrrr…..It is definitely sweater season!!  I used to only gravitate to one or two types of sweaters, and that made for a very long and boring winter wardrobe.  I guess I did not realize there were so, so many styles of sweaters that could add variety and life to winter style.  Lately I have been loving sweaters as I have been more mindful of mixing up the types of sweaters in my closet.  So I thought I would share a few styles of sweaters in hopes of inspiring your winter wardrobe.  One thing to note is that today I am mainly focusing on styles of sweaters.  In general, for colder weather, look for thicker sweaters, tighter knits, or ones with material that is more insulated.  For warmer weather like I have down here in South Carolina, look for thinner sweaters, ones with more open knits, or even short sleeved sweaters.
Fitted Pullover Sweaters (V-Neck Or Crew Neck) ~  These are pretty standard staples and are a great backdrop for a statement necklace or a printed scarf.  These are also perfect for layering under blazers and jackets. You could even add a button up shirt underneath.  This style is helpful for tailored looks and especially great for business casual style.


Loosely Fitted Pullover Sweaters  (V-Neck Or Crew Neck) ~  These are similar to the previous ones, but more loosely fitted.  You can get some that are plain, or you can get some with texture.  I prefer loosely fitted sweaters like these for a few reasons. I find them more comfortable.


Cowl Neck / Turtleneck Sweater ~ Cute and cozy!  There are plenty of super thick warm ones that are so good for cold weather, but there are also plenty of thinner ones that are good for warmer climates. I would not accessorize much with these. Depending on the cut and material, these can look a little fancier and make good options for dressier sweaters.


Textured Sweaters ~ Adding texture just gives your look some dimension.  I love textured sweaters!


Sweaters With Peplum Hem ~ These sweaters with a peplum hem give you the cute look.  They are super easy to wear, but are really cute.  They work well for casual outfits but also dress up nicely with pants for an office appropriate look.


Printed Sweaters ~ Last but certainly not least….sweaters with prints!  Christmas sweaters are popular around this time of year, but there are many other prints like polka dots, stripes, hearts, or cute little animals or characters.


Inspiration from Pinterest.


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