Reflection ~

Reflection is not only what a mirror produces for you to admire, but reflection is also a great tool to look back on decisions you make. In our own way we possess the power to achieve greatness. We all can create goals and conquer tasks to meet those ends. Dress the part. Strut your stuff. Be fabulous.

Whether the situation is a job interview or running a race, appropriate clothing for the occasion could push you to the front of the pack. Your level of motivation will be higher. Your confidence will be greater. Watch as it propels you forward, a momentum that cannot easily be stopped.

Recently I trained for, and participated in a 10K bridge race. Here is a photo from that. The lighting is not perfect. There was no cropping and no chance for a better angle. I am running….and I feel great!47573738_10156878124726665_5380825793972666368_n

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