Oversized Sweaters

Nothing says winter like shimmying into a variety of cozy pieces, and there is nothing cozier than an oversized sweater.  This is one of the season’s biggest trends.  The only question is how do you wear one without looking a bit too comfy.  You do not want it to overpower you, especially if you have a small frame.  You just need to learn how to style them.  Here are some tips:

1. Keep it simple ~ Pair it over black leggings, add ankle boots. You are good to go anywhere.


2. Wear it as a dress ~ Just buy a sweater a size or two bigger than normal, and wear it with knee boots.


3.  Wear it over a slip ~ If your sweater is not quite long enough to wear alone as a dress, then wear it over a bodycon dress or slip.  This is my favorite look!!


4.  Layer it ~ You can layer your sweater over a chambray shirt for a preppy vibe.


5.  Off the shoulder ~ Let your oversized sweater fall down one shoulder for a cute, casual look.


6.  Pair with skinny jeans ~ Pair your sweater with skinny jeans and a pair of over the knee boots for a very easy outfit.


Inspiration from Pinterest.

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