Black Leggings ~ Do’s & Don’ts

I am not a huge proponent of wearing leggings; however, everyone seems to be wearing them.  So here are some do’s and don’ts for wearing leggings.  Black leggings can be a stylish essential for your everyday wardrobe….if worn correctly.

Style Tips ~ Do’s & Don’ts

  1. Make sure your leggings are opaque and made of a thick material.
  2. Pair with accessories to elevate your leggings outfit.
  3. Be sure to wear the right kind of underwear…no one wants panty lines.
  4. Contrast tight leggings with an oversized, loose-fitting top or cardigan to balance out the look.
  5. Make sure whatever you wear on top covers your rear end or is long enough.
  6. Remember, leggings are not pants and should not be worn to substitute pants.
  7. Play up layering when wearing leggings to add more dimension to your outfit, thus making it more interesting.

Outfit Ideas ~ Suggestions

Wear Leggings with a Plaid Tunic Button Up.  If it is long enough to cover your rear, I would agree that you are safe wearing your fave plaid shirt with leggings. If you are going for a super cozy, laid-back look for traveling or running errands around town throw on your favorite sneakers for a casual, cute look. But if you are looking to elevate the look, throw on accessories and riding boots to complete the look.


Wear Leggings with an Oversized Chambray Shirt.  If you have an oversized (tunic-length) chambray, you can put together a similar look. In this look below, you can see she threw on a neutral cardigan over a denim shirt and leggings, adding an additional layer to give the outfit more dimension and make it a bit more interesting.


Wear Leggings with Oversized Cardigans / Sweaters.  Similar to wearing leggings with an oversized plaid or chambray shirt, you can wear a longer cardigan or oversized sweater. Pairing an oversized knit with your leggings is a great opportunity to use juxtaposition to your advantage, contrasting the tightness of the leggings with a loose-fitting, oversized cardigan or cozy sweater.

Inspiration from Pinterest.

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