Wearing Thigh High Boots Without Looking Trashy

Let’s start by giving credit where credit’s due…When it comes to over-the-knee footwear, Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” deserves all the glory. Who could forget her star making turn as hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold Vivian Ward, who meets the man of her dreams while rocking patent leather thigh high boots? Now that that’s settled, let’s talk about today’s take on the thigh high trend, which offers a little less flash, a lot less trash, and some major style points for those who dare.

1. Keep your clothes loose. No matter how you slice it, thigh high boots add a serious dash of sex appeal, and it is for this reason you can rock an otherwise less than figure flattering dress, like a boxy shift or oversized shapeless sweater, which balances the inherent sexiness of the shoe style.


2. Dark on bottom, layered on top. If your thigh high boots are skin tight, be sure to wear them with opaque tights or leggings, which leaves you plenty of room to add volume and texture on top. Add color, play with layers, or throw on a bright statement bag.


3. Stay true to the hue. By working a monochromatic look with your thigh highs, you draw attention away from the severity of the style, and add a subtle touch of high fashion drama without screaming it from the rooftops.


4. Sock hop. Want to test the waters a bit before you dive in whole hog? Invest in a pair of over-the-knee socks and pair them with knee high boots of the same color. Throw on a skirt or dress that flashes just a sliver of thigh or layer on a loose cardigan.


5. Short skirt, long coat. Overcoats and long trench coats do wonders for thigh high boots, letting you rock all sorts of short, tight, sexy bottoms if you want to, all the while letting the long cut of the coat slim the look. Just be sure that if you are going tight on the bottom, keep things looser on the top.


Inspiration from Pinterest.

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