Want Your Pants to Hang Perfectly?

Did you know if you sew a coin inside your pant’s hem they will hang perfectly?  This little clothing hack is actually inspired by Coco Chanel. She used to sew small chains inside the sleeves of her jackets to ensure they hung flawlessly.  You can easily recreate this trick by sewing in a small coin to the hem of your pants to make them hang perfectly straight for that impeccably tailored look. You can also buy special sewing weights at the store, but using coins saves you a trip.

Sweaters ~

The sweater is one of my most favorite pieces of clothing for fall and winter. They go with everything from jeans, skirts to pants.  Check out this list of must have sweaters, which can be worn for almost every occasion.

White Turtleneck ~


V-Neck Lace Sweater ~


Grey Oversized Sweater ~


Black Sweater ~


Red Cable Knit Sweater ~


Autumn Colored Sweater ~


Inspiration from Pinterest.



Change of Seasons ~ Closet Declutter

Cleaning out your closet can seem like a daunting task. Getting rid of your clothes, even if you have not worn them in years is not easy. If crop tops, fringe, chokers and and full-on tracksuits can become trendy again, so can that bandage dress you bought in 2005, right?  But sometimes you just need to let things go, and there is nothing like a good closet purge to give you and your style a fresh start for the year ahead. Not sure where to start? I have some tips for you.

The items you want to keep in your closet are staples and basics, or the everyday pieces you can incorporate with those trendy items that happen throughout each season.  When you are looking at your closet and debating what to get rid of, take a good look at what you are working with to determine which pieces are “seasonless”.  For example, denim,  collared button ups, plain sweaters, T-shirts, and tank tops are all items that will not really go out of style.  Other items that are great to keep are layering pieces like thinner turtlenecks or long sleeve T-shirts that are can be worn under dresses or tank tops.  Layering can add interest and texture to any outfit.  A classic leather (or faux leather) jacket is another closet staples to keep.

Once you have decided on the things worth keeping, it is time to start purging.  Things you should purge are those crazy pieces you only worn three times in your lifetime, and have been sitting in the back of my closet taking up space.  If you have not worn it in the past year, ditch it.  Finally, if you are holding on to clothes that do not make you feel great when you wear them, it is definitely good idea to let go of them. Wearing clothes that actually make you feel strong and confident can make a big difference when you are out the door.   You should feel confident in your clothes!  Now that you are equipped with some tips, go forth and clean that closet.