Stop Ruining Your Look

You may be ruining your entire look without even realizing it.  However, do not stress! For every problem, there is a super simple fix that will make it all better.

Problem:  Your sweater has nipples on the shoulders from hanging.  Solution:  First of all, I do not hang my sweaters.  It will stretch them out.  If you want to hang them, fold them over the hanger or get fuzzy that hold your sweater in place.

Problem:  Your hang loops are showing. Solution:  I always cut them out.   However if you insist on leaving them on, then either hang the garments on fuzzy, felted hangers, or just fold them. And never hang anything with stretchy straps. The straps will stretch out over time just from the weight of the garment and then you will have to have them shortened in order to make the dress fit again.

Problem:  The belt that came with the dress.  99% of the time when a dress is sold with a belt, both pieces are probably inexpensive and were sold together to create some false illusion of value, especially if the belt is just one of those thin, faux leather throwaways. Solution:  Ditch the belt the dress came with, and invest in a good belt.  A good belt is like a piece of jewelry….it can bring the entire look together.

Problem:  Those stringy belt loops on the sides of your dress are making it look super cheap. Those loops are really only there so that stores has a way to display the belt on the garment.  Solution:  Cut them off. Belt loops on these sorts of garments are not really functional anyway.  You know where your waist is. Tie the belt there.  Again, invest in a great belt.

Problem:  The flaps on the back of your new jacket still sewn together?  Solution:  Cut it out…..are you seeing a trend here?

Problem:  Wrinkles.  Wrinkles are a reality of life. But the fact is you look disheveled and disorganized and, honestly, kind of lazy. Solution:  Ironing or steaming your clothes when you want to wear them is a hassle, so just hang and fold your clothes with better care to prevent wrinkles in the first place.


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