Sick of Wearing the Same Clothes

It is usually this stage of summer that I start to dislike everything in my closet.  I am sick of everything I own.  I feel like I am wearing the same outfits over and over.  Bleh.  I need to recapture the joy my closet gave me earlier in the summer.  In May, the thought of going without a sweater was entrancing. New sandals were pristine and summer dresses enticing. Now, it is August, and I forgotten what it feels like to be cool. The same few light garments have come out again and again, and are wilted and sad. Those sandals are scuffed and worn.  And while it is hard to justify shelling out for new pieces this late in the season, there are things we can do to regain that old excitement.

Take Inventory. Take clothes out and look at them. There may be some pieces you have overlooked. Or, perhaps those workhorses you have been wearing all summer could use some maintenance: a trip to the tailor. Take up that hem you have been meaning to raise.

Shopping your closet is a cliche, however there is something to be said for the idea. Maybe pair items you have never paired together before.

Have a swap. Not rocket science, but a fail-safe: if you are feeling the summer blues, chances are you are not alone. Get a few new pieces free – or at the very least unload something you have come to hate.   If you have things you feel uncomfortable getting rid of, one solution is a lending-plan. I have a friend who is a similar size; we frequently borrow things from each others’ closets just to add some variety. What is old hat to you may be exciting to a friend – and without the commitment of losing it permanently. And seeing the way other people style things can be a good way to get ideas.

If you crave something new, consider small things: vintage costume jewelry, scarves, belts. All of these can be found at Forever21 or thrift stores and will have the impact – and provide the novelty – of a much bigger purchase.

Start thinking about Fall. Feels counter intuitive, I know, but once you start looking forward with back-to-school anticipation, clothes will start feeling not-miserable again. I am not saying you need to have an inspiration board, but a glance at a magazine for ideas.

If all else fails, there are sales going on. A lot of them.  🙂


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