AHOY ~ How to Wear the Nautical Look

You do not have to set sail on a cruise ship to rock one of the hottest styles of this upcoming summer. Yes, I am talking about the nautical look. The look seems to make a comeback every summer with no plans of going out of style. Nautical themed prints are always popular in the summertime because they incorporate breathable fabrics, like cotton and seersucker, which help to beat the heat. If you follow these simple tips, you can pull off a nautical inspired outfit without looking like you are dressed as sailor for Halloween. First, keep it simple. If you are going to wear a nautical striped coat, then simply pair this with a white denim skirt or white shirt. When it comes to the nautical trend, focus on stripes. This season, big and bold stripes are the way to go. Dare to make a statement and wear jumbo stripes. Stylists say the key to wearing stripes is based on the cut and shape of the garment. When in doubt, stick to more figure flattering diagonal or vertical stripes and stay away from horizontal ones that lay flat on the areas you would prefer to conceal. If stripes just are not your thing, go for polka dots. You can also change things up by incorporating other non-nautical hues like mustard or turquoise, to mix up the palate. If you are not ready to dive into the entire nautical look, you can add simple nautical touches to your other cotton ensembles with rope accessories, ocean inspired jewelry or striped wedges.

Inspiration from Pinterest.


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