Mistakes That Make You Look Messy

You can only make a first impression once, so avoid making a mistake with your look.  When you absolutely need to look your best, you have to pay attention to the little things.  It is always the little things….not dramatic changes….that really make all the difference. No matter your body type, profession, personal taste, or preference, it is possible to look and feel good without having to change your entire style, much less who you are at your core. So to avoid certain types of faux pas, check out my tips below

Pet hair / lint ~ People notice details, and a single piece of lint can stand out, especially if it does not match your clothing.  Invest in a lint roller.

See through fabric ~ To be clear: thin, gauzy skirts can be a great addition to your wardrobe. Do yourself a favor, though, and make sure that they do not go totally transparent when you end up backlit.  Some materials look totally opaque in the dim light of morning. By the time you are headed out for lunch, though, the light shines right through them, treating all of your coworkers to a glimpse of what is underneath.

Wearing clothes with minor rips / tears ~ These types of issues sneak up on you. You will wear the same jeans every day, and you will not notice as they start to fray. Or you will ignore the missing button on your favorite shirt simply because you have worn it so many times.  Unfortunately nothing last forever, so either get it fix or toss it.

Not ironing ~ Ironing clothes takes a lot of time, I get it.  However wrinkled clothes can throw off your entire image.  Take the time, iron!!

Rolling Sleeves Incorrectly ~ When the seasons change, you might find yourself rolling up your sleeves to stay cool. It is actually quite a fashionable look, provided that you take the time to do a double roll.

Too many accessories ~ Accessories are essential to your look. A single necklace can make a great statement piece, for instance, or a scarf can pull your entire outfit together. The ideal accessory will be eye catching and appropriate for the occasion.  Going overboard is actually worse than no accessories.

Wearing hair ties as a bracelet ~ You are not a teenager, so do not do this.  It is tacky.

Pants that are too long ~ There are many things in life that would classify as being a drag, but your pants should not be one of them. Hem lines that flirt with the floor are fine, but you have gone too far when they make contact.

Wearing athletic shoes in non-athletic situations ~ I know they are comfortable, but unless you are headed to or from the gym, they look out of place.

Wearing clothes that do not fit ~ Nothing can kill your style quite as quickly as an oversized shirt or pants that are too tight. Even if the clothes feel comfortable, if they do not fit, do not wear them.  However, falling in love with a piece of clothing that does not exactly fit is a common tragedy. You can likely fix it by taking the garment to a tailor.

Wearing white clothing that is not white anymore ~ Alas, even the whitest whites will eventually start to turn a pale yellow color. The good news is that you can usually restore your whites with a simple bleach bath.

Missing a belt loop ~ Pay attention to the little things. You can have a perfectly put together outfit, only to sabotage yourself by missing a belt loop or leaving a visible zipper.

Clothes that are pilling ~ It happens to the best of ‘em. A few times into wearing, you notice that certain spots on your garment are a little rougher than others. The next thing you know, a bunch of tiny little balls join the party and take up space on those rough patches, which are most likely in the armpit or thigh areas. These clothing-crashers are called pills and are formed when fabric rubs together.  To prevent damage, turn your garment inside out before washing. Doing so prevents the fabric from rubbing against other clothes in the wash, stopping the pills before they wreak havoc.

Visible bra straps ~ This is actually one of my pet peeves.  The bra is an UNDER garment, and it should not be seen.  Period.

Wearing over-sized clothes to hide your figure ~ Tuck in those oversized tops or add a belt.  Make sure that your figure’s visible. If you wearing baggy clothes, you will actually look larger than you are.

Leggings as pants ~ Leggings can be a key ingredient in a super cute outfit, but do not mistake them for fully formed bottoms in themselves. Throw on a short skirt or wear a dress if your shirt is belly-grazing; the key is to keep your backside from hitting people in the face. I get it, they are super comfy…..but the look is sloppy.





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