Never Purge This From Your Closet

Cleaning out your closet can often drag you into a very personal, very dark place. Sifting through college T-shirts, dresses you wore with significant others you are no longer seeing, and shoes you splurged on that are still sitting in the box can bring up a lot of unwanted feelings and ultimately lead to you not thinking clearly.  In order to ensure you do not end up throwing away everything in site due to your dramatized emotions, I am here to give you one very stylish rule to live by: Never throw away leopard print.

History has proven that leopard print has withstood the test of time. Can you think of a season where leopard was considered “out”? I cannot either, and that is because as far as prints and patterns are concerned, leopard is basically on equal playing field with the stripes and plaids of the world. Toss it, and beware of serious outfit envy as fashion girls prove season after season that the easiest way to make an outfit pop is by way of this wild print….whether it is a bag, dress, or jacket. The best advice I can give you today when it comes to purging your closet is to hold on to your leopard for dear life. Your future outfits depend on it.

Inspiration from Pinterest.

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