Layers, Layers, Layers….Yes, it is Cold.

You do not have to look like the Michelin Man to stay warm this winter.  There is a misconception that layering your clothes can make you look bulky.  That is simply not true if you wear the layers in the right way.  A perfectly layered look can compliment your figure and highlight your curves.  It’s a pretty simple concept.  Layering properly will actually keep you more insulated then one large bulky coat.  First, start with a long sleeve lightweight shirt, then add sweater or cardigan.  Now it’s time to add your favorite coat or jacket.  Complete the outfit with a knit scarf.  The key is to keep the under layers fitted, so they keep you looking slim.  Experiment with mixing textures to make the look more stylish.  Try adding a leather jacket over a cotton plaid shirt for example.


My suggestion, like in these Pinterest pictures, would be to keep the jacket or coat in a neutral tone to create the slimmest look.

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