Do Not Wear the Same Pair of Shoes Two Days in a Row

Trust me, I know the feeling….you find the perfect pair of shoes, and you want to show them off every chance you get.  However, there is a real reason you should not re-wear your shoes day after day.  During the day, your feet sweat…a lot. Your feet have more sweat glands than any other part of your body!!  And, they do not just sweat when you are hot or exercising.  They sweat all the time, which is also why you get smelly feet by the end of the day.   Naturally, that sweat gets onto your shoe and can stay there if you are not careful.  If you wear the same pair every day, then your shoes do not have ample time to dry and they will not maintain their shape.  So, it makes sense that the more you wear shoes, the quicker they will wear out. Without time to air dry, the moisture just sits in your shoes, so they are more likely to wear down the next time you slip them on. Waiting a day to let them dry off will keep your shoes looking like new!

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