HOT Outside ~ You can still look cute!

If you legitimately consider jumping in every fountain you walk by, it is officially gotten too freakin’ hot. Before you succumb to hibernation and let a little heat squander your should-be-endless summer nights, I have a few tricks that will allow you to leave your house without morphing into an uncomfortable, sweaty mess.

Invest in inexpensive sleeveless cotton dresses. The only good news about August is that it is a GREAT time to invest in a summer wardrobe for this season and next. Every store is offering deep discounts right now on its summer stuff, and that is why I generally hit up LOFT  or Loft Outlet each August for a bunch of cotton dresses for the days when I am running around showing property.

Splurge on a pair of cute and super-comfortable sandals. Each summer, I have learned to spend up if I have to in order to find sandals that are both pretty AND very, very comfortable. Honestly, if you feel like you are walking on air…. the price was worth it!!

Beat the heat in a stylish maxi dress. I love, love, love maxi dresses when it is hot outside. They work during the day and at night.

Try out the summer trends with a pair of shorts. Floral’s hot this season. Why not rock the look in a cute pair of floral shorts ? They are much cooler than a dress or skirt.

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