Outfit Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is right around the corner, which means the official start of summer is here!!  I do not think I could be more excited to be diving into my favorite season of the year. Bring on the beach days, backyard barbecues and after work happy hours! Whether you have your Memorial Day Weekend plans set in stone or are still trying to figure out how you will be spending the long weekend, one thing is certain: You will want to have your first official outfit of the summer season nailed down. No matter where you find yourself celebrating, these styling suggestions will have you looking perfectly polished for any long weekend occasion.

Backyard BBQ ~

Chances are good that you will be attending a barbecue of some kind during the upcoming holiday weekend. Luckily, dressing for such an event is easy as pie… Grab your favorite sundress, flowy shorts, or silky pants and add a hat and sandals. You will want to be wearing fabric that is comfortable and casual, as a BBQ does not require playing dress up.


Afternoon Garden Party ~ 

This holiday weekend is the perfect time of year to spend time outdoors enjoying the last of our beautiful spring blooms. So if you have a special outdoor event on your calendar (like a bridal shower or baby shower), you have every excuse to get a little dressed up for the occasion.


Inspirations from Pinterest.

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