Styling a Shirtdress

A shirtdress can seem plain and shapeless on the hanger, but in reality it is a chic and versatile piecde to have in your wardrobe.  Here are some tips for styling a shirtdress.

~ A well-fitting shirtdress means no pulling across the chest or buttons that pop.

~ Many shirtdresses are on the short side, which is why they look good with flats.

~ Changing the belt that often comes with a shirtdress can make it more interesting and figure flattering. Try a leather, chain or rope belt to add some style.

~ Choose a shirtdress with a slightly A-line or flared bottom if you are pear shaped.

~ If a shirtdress is too short to wear as a dress, add a pair of leggings.

~ Collarless shirtdresses have a softer and more feminine take on the look.

~ Balance out the masculine vibe of a shirtdress with jewelry, or play it up feminine accessories.

~ Use your shirtdress as a layering piece, wearing it partly open to reveal a camisole underneath, or all the way open like a long jacket.

~ If your shirtdress has sleeves, roll them up for a sportier vibe.

~ Try wearing a jacket or long boyfriend sweater over a shirtdress. Add some classy jewelry and fabulous shoes for a casual work look.

~ If you have a defined waist, choose a shirtdress with a slight taper at the waist, or you can look boxy. A drawstring waistline will give you some shape too.

~ Cotton shirtdresses offer a sporty / casual look, while shirtdresses made from silky, flowing fabrics give a more elegant or artsy look.


Inspiraton from Pinterest.


What Gretchen Wore

Vacations are THE BEST.  I just returned from a five day cruise to the Bahamas.  We did not take a lot of pictures, as we wanted to unplug and enjoy the moment.  However, I did take one picture before dinner on day three.  This maxi dress was purchased at TJ Maxx for $25.20170331_185957