Asking for a Discount

Yesterday I was shopping, since clearly it is one of my favorite pastimes.  I found a red dress that I fell in love with at Steinmart.  I tried it on, and it fit perfectly.  The only problem was that there was a slight tear on one side,but it was in the seam.  I figured my tailor could repair that in a snap, but I was not going to pay full price when I knew I would have to repair the seam.  So I asked the clerk for a discount. Asking for a discount is not hard. No one is going to think badly of you for asking for a discount.  In fact when I asked for one yesterday, the store clerk did not even bat an eyelash….and I saved 15%.

What Gretchen Wore

I love mixing prints and patterns!!  It really makes an outfit visual interesting.  Check out my polka dot sweater from Charming Charlie and gingham print shirt from Old Navy paired together.  I added a dark gray pencil skirt, chunky pearl necklace and black flats to complete my look.


What Gretchen Wore

I am in love with a chevron print.  This black and white dress is from Charming Charlie.  Charming Charlie is known for their costume jewelry, but they have some clothing….like this cute dress.  Most of their dresses are around $36.  I opted not to belt it today, but you could definitely add  more accessories to this outfit to bring it up a notch.  I added my favorite fuchsia open toed pumps for for a pop of color.


Four Winter Fashion Rules….to Break

Dressing up for winter can prove to be quite the challenge sometimes. Between choosing comfy clothes and stylish pieces that will let you have the best of both worlds, there are also a few “rules” to be taken into account. Though unspoken, these rules of winter dressing are know by all fashion and style enthusiasts and are observed accordingly. Rules, however, are not always meant to be obeyed. Here are a few winter fashion rules to break right now.

No shorts – forget about this rule and go head and wear your shorts!!  You can always cover up or layer up your look with a pair of tights in case you find the outdoors too cold.


Reserve crop tops for spring and summer – many say that winter is not the time to rock a crop top or two whilst outdoors but I personally think that winter is just as good a month as any other month to wear crop tops. I mean they are seriously so cute, it is no wonder many fashionistas around the world find ways to wear them despite the cold winter weather. To make this possible, layering is key.


Wear dark colors – gone are the days when winter outfits meant something dark, dull and dreary. Today, your winter outfits can be as bright as any of your spring and summer ensembles and no one will question you for it. If you are still feeling your way around this, you can always start with small and subtle pops of color and then graduate to bolder winter color statements later on.


Stay bulky, stay warm – a bulk silhouette is not a must to keep yourself warm on a cold winter day. You can stay warm and look stylish at the same time if you know how to style your outfit. Fitted pieces go underneath baggier ones, not the other way around. Also, instead of piling on a thousand layers, choose pieces that are made of warm and thick fabric to keep a streamlined silhouette.


Inspiration from Pinterest.

What Gretchen Wore

I love getting dressed up.  Last night I attended my annual Realtor Party, and I wore this black leather dress that I found at Macy’s.  I paired the dress with my open toed black booties.  I liked the way the dress looked without adding any other accessories other than earrings. The picture makes it look like it is different colors, but in person is it completely black.