Keep Your Strapless Dress From Falling

The strapless dress is universally flattering, accessory friendly and perfect for showing off your bronzed shoulders during the summer months.  Strapless dresses are a classic go to summer staple. But here is the issue……they can be incredibly annoying.  When going strapless, it feels impossible to make it through the day without having to pull up your dress at least a couple dozen times. But actually, constantly tugging at the fabric is only going to make your dress more likely to fall down, since you are stretching it and creating a looser fit. Do not give up hope though. To help cope with the woes of this warm weather favorite, here are some tips that will make wearing a strapless dress as fun and carefree as it was meant to be.

It is all about the boning ~ A tube dress does not offer much support up top, but a dress with a bit of boning in the bodice will be more structured.

Layer a shirt underneath ~ Try layering a tshirt underneath your strapless dress. The extra fabric will hold up better against bare skin, plus it will add some visual interest.

Rubber is your friend ~  Some strapless dresses come with a thin silicone rubber strip that lines the entire inside top seam. This provides a bit of resistance against your skin so that it will less likely to fall down.  If your strapless does not have that thin rubber band, use a bit of fashion tape instead.

Pin it ~ When you are running low on the double-sided tape, try a few safety pins instead. Just take some safety pins and pin your bra to the dress….simple and easy.

Do NOT go without a bra ~ Strapless bras can be finicky, but they are generally a good idea when you are opting for a strapless dress. It will give your frock something to grab onto and it will also add some shape to the bodice. There are a ton of different options on the market these days, so pick a style that suits you. And no matter how tempted you might be to wear a bra with straps underneath your strapless dress……just don’t. It is not a good look.

Even using one of these tricks will improve how you look and feel in a strapless dress. Here is to hoping that there are many more bare-shoulder days ahead of us!!


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