5 Styling Tricks for a Slimmer Silhouette

While the holidays mean many great things, such as food, family and friends, fun…it also presents quite a few challenges, like sticking to an exercise routine or eating right.  Here are five easy styling tricks that will keep your figure looking trim while you work off those holidays calories you consumed.

Vertical Patterns

 Stripes, lines, and even prints with a vertical orientation naturally draw the eye up and down…rather than side to side, the way horizontally oriented patterns do.  This makes your figure appear longer and narrower.

Monochromatic Outfits

Creating an entire look from the same color works the same way vertical prints do. Color is the first thing almost anyone will notice about what you are wearing, and wearing one hue head to toe creates a visually unbroken, vertical line.

Helpful Hemlines

Where a skirt falls on your leg may seem like a minor detail, but it can go a long way toward slimming your entire figure. A good rule of thumb to follow: The hemline of your skirt should hit the slimmest part of your leg. For most women this is either just above or below the knee, or just under the swell of the calf (making on-trend midi-skirts a flattering option for almost everyone).

Slenderizing Textiles

You know the amazing effect shapewear has on your figure. Why not try clothing that works the same way? Certain textiles, like ponte knits or neoprene-esque “scuba” fabrics, are easy to find in an array of great styles, and have the same smoothing, slimming effect as your favorite foundation garment.

Accessorize to Scale

It is a no brainer that slipping on a pair of heels adds height and makes you look slimmer, but a lesser-known trick is that other accessories can work wonders as well. Bigger baubles make surrounding areas seem proportionately smaller—try a statement necklace, for example, to minimize a larger bust. On the petite side? Smaller bags can help you avoid visually overwhelming your frame.

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