Tips to Make Your Wardrobe Last

Replacing clothes can be expensive, so here are a few tips to help extend the life of your favorite clothes and accessories.

1. Hand wash cashmere. Repeated poor – quality dry cleanings can lead to fiber breakage. Plus, an old fashioned hand washing leaves the cashmere considerably softer. Use lukewarm water and a mild soap, such as the Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo, and lay flat to dry. Remove excess water by rolling the garment in a towel.  NEVER wring it!!

2. Do not drive in your good heels. The floorboard scuffs the heel, and the pedal scratches the toe. Drive in simple flats, or try heel protectors, which are plastic coverings that slide over high heels.

3. Never hang pearls. This weakens the silk threads that hold the necklace together.

4 Launder whites after every wear. It is tempting to put a white blouse back into the closet after a spill free wearing. After all, it looks spotless. But body oils and perspiration, along with other time released stains (like perfume, white wine, and oil splatters), will start to give a once bright white a yellowish tint.

5. But do not over wash darks. Excessive washings cause faded clothing. Black pants, in particular, can be worn several times before laundering. For best results when you wash, run darks on a short cycle in cold water and let them air dry. Blot any stains, since rubbing will create a lighter spot.

6. Beware the dryer. Excessive heat makes fibers brittle, causing the fabric to break down. Combat this by removing lightweight garments, like T-shirts and camisoles, and anything containing spandex ten minutes earlier than heavy garments, such as jeans and sweatshirts.

7. Iron clothing inside out. Ironing can fade dark colors as well as create shine marks on fabrics with sheen. Avoid damage by using the appropriate heat setting and pressing the item on the reverse side. Or use a cloth between garment and iron. Also, never iron a crease on a black garment…it can leave a permanent line.

8. Zip up to avert snags. Your clothing goes into the wash perfectly intact. Later you notice a mysterious pull. The teeth of zippers or any kind of hook closure is typically the culprit.  Next time close all zippers and clasps before tossing clothes into the washing machine.

9. Wash (unstained) jeans every third wear. Most people wash their jeans too often. Launder them inside out and in cold water. Obsessed with preserving the deep dark rinse? Skip the clothes dryer and let them air dry, or take them to a dry cleaner.

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