Making a Statement

Statement necklaces are my very favorite accessory!! They are the perfect way to complete an outfit and add a little wow factor. I know they may seem a little overwhelming to some due to the size, but they can add so much to an otherwise simple or basic outfit.  If you are scared of the statement necklace, then check out these easy ways to wear them… and as you look at these outfits, think about how simple and / or boring they would be without a statement necklace. They really are the perfect addition to liven up an outfit.


This pink statement necklace was just what it needed to pull the pink stripes and pink bows all together. Acting as a cohesive element, this statement necklace makes the outfit complete.


With a monochromatic dark blue outfit like this, brighten it up with a light and bright piece like this fun yellow bubble necklace. The contrast of dark to bright makes the necklace really stand out and draws attention up toward your face.


The combination of mint and white creates such a clean, fresh palette. Adding a necklace in the same hue as the top completes the look without taking away from the clean look.


When wearing a t-shirt, you want to make sure it looks intentional. So add a sparkly statement necklace, and your outfit looks purposeful and put together.


For a simple outfit, like denim on denim, try a fun statement necklace combo, like this large and small bubble necklace.


For outfits with one or two neutral colors, add a pop of color to brighten things up the look.


A simple maxi dress like this is gorgeous, but adding a big chunky statement necklace adds some interest up at the neckline and completes the look.


When you wear a collared shirt, the collar is just asking to be paired with a statement necklace. A big sparkly necklace also looks so great under a peter pan collar.


Sometimes just a hint of statement is all that is needed. Pair this yellow bubble necklace with a bright sweater and shoes, but tone down all the brightness by partially covering it with a khaki cargo vest.

Inspiration from Pinterest.

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