Seven Style Rules to NEVER Break

These style tips may seem obvious to most, yet I see someone breaking them every single day.  These all seem like common sense, but I figured I better remind you.

Do NOT Wear What Does NOT Fit ~  Yes, this is a pretty common sense tip, however one that often gets forgotten. Do not wear things that are oversized if you are trying to hide parts of our body, and do not wear things that feel too tight once you have literally poured yourself into them. Clothes should be tailored, and they should not be pulling anywhere regardless of your body shape.

Do NOT Waste A Waist ~ Every single body type should make use of a waist line. Even if you carry all your weight in your tummy, you can still create a waist with seaming, or by belting at the smallest part of your waist…..which is usually the bottom of the rib cage. That is the easiest way to create curves if you are a straight boy shape or accent your curves if you have already got them. A waist line also balances body proportion, so even if you have large hips or a large chest you always want to accent a small waist in comparison.

Do NOT Be Guilty Of The “Buy Without Trying” ~  A lot of women buy clothes in a hurry, try them on at home and find out that they do not fit, that they do not like them and then they just do not bother to return them…..what a waste!!  Save yourself the time on the backend by frontloading your time in the beginning. Take the extra five or ten minutes to try it on in the store….no exceptions!!

Lock and Load ~ One of my absolute musts is for women to go and get their bras fitted. You have to have it professionally fitted whenever your weight is altered by diet, and pre or post-pregnancy. Even the slightest bit of pounds lost can alter your bra size dramatically. I recommend that you go in every six months for a fitting to make sure everything is secured and of course, comfortable.

Shoes Are A Game Changer ~ If you are going to invest in any one item for the season, a shoe can change your basic outfit dramatically. If you are going to load up on anything ~ load up on shoes. They can change those black pants or plain skirt instantly. They can also liven up an otherwise dull outfit.

Do NOT Buy Things Just Because They Are On Sale ~ I am  happy if you find something half off that is absolutely amazing for you and it is something you need in your closet. However, women tend to think that just because something is on sale it is worth buying and most of the time, it just ends up sitting in your closet.  A sale should not be the drive for you to buy things, your drive should be what you need in your closet or what looks great on you. The price tag is really incidental.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life, But Stick With What You Know ~ I always say it is very important for you to try new things. If you are afraid of something, that is the first thing I think you should try on in a store. But when I say stick with what you know, I do think there are certain times when you find a great pair of jeans. Then, you should just buy a couple of pairs, because you can hem one to flats and one to heels. If you find a shirt that just fits like a glove and you have a larger chest that is difficult to shop for then buy [the shirt] in a couple of different colors and prints. Stick with what you know means stick with the sizes and shapes that work for you. Think of a pie chart when you think about your wardrobe. Split it up into quarters: Neutral basics, solid colors, prints and textures. If you have that ratio in your closet you will not have to stress out every time you go to your closet to try and mix and match.

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