What Gretchen Wore

I have a funny story about today’s outfit.  I found this jacket on a sale rack at Steinmart a couple of months ago. The tag indicated it retailed for $89, but Steimart’s price was $39.99.  However, it was now on the sale rack for $19. I was in line getting ready to checkout, when I overheard the lady ahead of me ask about their instore coupon on sale items.  So when it was my turn to checkout, I asked if I could use the instore coupon and the sales lady said yes.  I purchased this jacket for $11.  But here is the funny part….I get home all excited about my $11 jacket and show my son.  I tell him the whole savings story. He proceeds to tell me it is the most hideous jacket he has ever seen. Thank you for sugar coating your feeling Darren, geez.  Anyway, I love it.  Today, I paired it over a black dress today and added my red peep toe pumps for a pop of color.  This jacket is so versatile because of the colors….it will go with numerous items in my wardrobe.  What does a 25 year old young man know about fashion anyway….LOL.


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