Does Your Outfit Bring You Joy?

It seems obvious, but take a moment to let that question sink in.  I think we should LOVE every item in our closet.  When you get rid of everything that does not bring you joy, you are left with only clothes that fit well, that you look great in, and that you feel great wearing. It is awesome, and it is a fantastic way to really enjoy what you put on your body. Note that this also allows you to keep things that are important to you; if my ten-year-old, ragged Dallas Cowboys sweatshirt sparks joy, by all means, I’m keeping it!  Keeping only what sparks joy helps you realize who you are right now. As you are saying no to certain clothes that do not spark joy, you are also often shedding what and who you were — or who you thought you wanted to be. You get a stronger sense of and appreciation for who you truly are. It is a healthy exercise in self reflection and a gentle but powerful letting go of the past. Keeping only the clothes that give me a spark of joy has allowed me to relinquish items that I have been keeping out of one kind of guilt or another —that I bought something and never really wore it, because someone else gave it to me, or because it is wasteful to get rid of something that is perfectly “good.” Probably the most incredible thing about the “Does this item spark joy?” decluttering question is that the answer comes instantly and instinctively. Once you get into the groove of sorting based on this parameter, you will be hooked. It is fast, it is decisive, it is honest. Once you weed out all the crap (for lack of a better word) from your wardrobe, you will have a clear picture of what you need, of gaps that you may need to fill in. On the other hand, you will also be happy to find out how little you actually need. So many of those things you are sending off to better homes were just space fillers. Now you will breathe much better with them gone. What a great way to declutter and reorganize!!

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