The Pencil Skirt

There are trends. And then there are timeless styles. No matter the fads in town the latter will always have my heart. Such is the case of the one skirt style that flatters every woman, that is great for office as well as parties, or more formal gatherings. THE PENCIL SKIRT. With fall almost here hems and lengths are a bit longer, and we ditch the relaxed silhouettes of summer for more polished, structured and sophisticated cuts and style.  For working women pencil skirts are the number one office style staple. They are like this sartorial uniform that is never passe and you cannot go wrong with. Not to mention how quickly it literally polishes up a look, regardless of what you pair with it.  Due to their flattering cut, they fit any body shape like a glove. They elongate. They slim yet play up the the curves. They conceal, yet are fitted enough to follow your body line in that very refined sort of way.  Styling them is a piece of cake as long as you keep in mind one majorly important tip….Always wear heels with them….stiletto sandals are so very sexy and classic pumps are timeless.  I always say stiletto heels best flatter any outfit and body. And it seems to me, in this case it is truer than ever, just because you need extra height if you are wearing a pencil skirt, yet at the same time you want to keep it light in the feet, to get that hourglass effect.  Of course we can still wear flats with them, it is not a fashion crime.


Inspiration from Pinterest.

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