Boot Buying Tips for Curvy Girls

Fall weather AKA boot season is approaching!!  There is something about the attitude that comes with wearing boots. They can be a little bit sexy and cause you to walk a little bit taller. And knee-high boots over skinny jeans or with shorter skirts are still very in this year. But sometimes curvy girls think that we cannot wear boots because they will not fit our larger calves. This is not true! Here are some tips to finding boots that will work with your curvy body:

Boots for Wide Calves ~ There are a lot of brands carrying wider calf boots these days. When buying taller boots, the calf circumference size should be included to help you determine if they will fit. If a seller does not indicate the calf circumference, some quick online searches of the brand and style should help you find it. This measurement is taken at the widest part of the boot, which usually corresponds to the widest part of the calf on most people. However, every body is different, so also pay attention to the shaft height, which is the height from the ankle to the top of the boot.

Tall Boots ~ When buying tall boots, whether a wide-calf style or not, look for boots with buckles that actually tighten and expand the boot shaft circumference along with gussets that will stretch.   Gussets are on the sides of boots and look like a fold that expands when you put your leg in the boot. You can sometimes gain another inch or more to add to the calf circumference measurement. This is sometimes also called goring.  When you first wear your boots, you might need to unbuckle the buckles on the side when you put them on and then buckle them after they are zipped. If your boots are leather, they will stretch as you keep wearing them but you do not want to rely on this stretch if you cannot zip them up. This is where a cobbler can help you.

Find a Cobbler ~ Yes, there are still cobblers! Find one in your town. Cobblers can actually stretch your leather boots. I had this done with the cowboy boots. Even though they fit when I tried them on, I wanted to be able to easily take them on and off even if my feet were a bit swollen from dancing the night away. I also wanted to be able to tuck my jeans inside them. Cobblers can stretch other leather boots too, including those with zippers on the sides.

Cowboy Boots ~ When buying cowboys boots, look for a deep “V” in the front and back of the boots. I was convinced that I would not find cowboy boots, but on a trip to Nashville last year, I learned that there really is a pair out there for everyone.

Short Boots ~ For a long time, I did not even look at shorter boots because I was convinced that they would not fit either and that they would accentuate the widest part of my calves. This is not true at all!  Shorter boots look great with everything from jeans to skirts and the right pair can actually appear to elongate your leg.

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