Buying Multiples

Someone asked me the other day….when does it make sense to purchase multiples of the same thing in the same or different colors, and when should I pass? Here are my three tips on when it makes sense to double up on clothes:

When it is a wardrobe staple. Some wardrobe staples, like tshirts, are worth getting in more than one color. And if you know you will wear the heck out of it, you could even get multiples of the same hue.

When it fits like a dream. Did you discover that elusive creature, that pair of jeans that truly fit?  Then get two, in different washes if you can. Labels constantly retire styles, so if you love it now, get it now.  Or maybe you finally found shoes that are both comfortable and stylish.  Get two, in different colors if you want, or of the same one so you can have a backup when the first pair falls apart.

When it is one of a kind. OK, it is not really “one of a kind” if there is more than one of it, but if an item you fall in love with is so unusual you know you will never see it again, pick up its twin. Keep that one on reserve for the day when the original is finally worn to death.

If you are still not sure, the final tipping point can be price. If you know you will wear both and the second one is at a discount…..or better yet, BOGO…..then take advantage of your good timing. The key overall is balance. If your closet is filled with nothing but multiples of a just a few things, you are likely to get bored and feel like your style is in a rut.

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