Bring Your Favorite Sundress into Fall

Whether it was from a mom or your grandmother, we have all heard some variation of “go change; you are going to freeze to death.”  But before you go reluctantly move your favorite summer dress to the back of the closet, let us show you some fabulous ways you can keep those dresses around for fall.

1. Pull on a Bottom Layer

Tights: When wearing a dress in the fall or winter, adding tights is an easy way to warm up your outfit. You can keep it classic with a simple pair of opaque black tights or experiment with colors and patterns.

Leggings: Other than tights, leggings are definitely the warmer option to wear.  Leggings with leather elements or studs would definitely add some flair to your outfit and some edge to your summer pieces.

2.  Layer Sweaters

Cardigans: Maxi dresses already have enough length to endure the fall season, so add a cardigan, belt and scarf for a cute fall variation.

Get Pulled Over: Try layering a sweater over a loose-fitting tank dress for a totally cute new look!  Allowing the dress to peek out the bottom adds flair and color, while simultaneously giving you the layers to survive the temperature drop.

3. Pair it With Fall Shoes

Booties: You do not have to tell me twice that when the temperature drops it is officially boot season! It is time to retire your sandals and replace them with super cute booties.  Booties are probably the only shoe that looks great with skinny jeans, tights or pretty much any other bottom. Whether you go flat or heeled, an ankle boot will never let you down.

4. Throw on a Scarf

Scarves: They are a great addition to sundresses to make them fit for cooler weather. In order to incorporate this warm and stylish accessory, try using the scarf as a bright accent piece or mix and match the prints of the dress and scarf.

5. Cover With a Jacket

Leather: Leather jackets are great for transitioning an outfit to fall.  A classic black leather jacket or a brown leather jacket will keep your arms warm, and wearing matching black or brown booties creates an awesome urban-chic look!

Blazer: For a more professional or daytime look, add a blazer to a dress and a pair of tights. My favorite fall trend is tweed blazers!

6. Don Some Denim

Denim:  A denim shirt looks great over almost every pattern and color of dress.  You can let the shirt hang loose or try adding a skinny brown or black belt. Not only can you wear a denim shirt over a summer dress to keep warm on a chilly day, but you can also try a denim jacket as well.

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