Cost Per Wear

You paid $100 for your favorite pair of jeans, but if you want to know how much they are really worth, the sales tag is not the only thing to consider. The true price of an item of clothing could hinge on how often you actually slip it on.  Call it the “cost-per-wear” quotient, which you can figure out using simple math ~Divide how much an item of clothing costs by the number of times you have worn it. Go through your closet and access your wardrobe.  It might turn out that the $200 dress you have worn 20 times was a better buy than the $20 tunic you wore once.  So the next time you are out shopping, put the theory to the test. Is that trendy top on sale for $19.99 really a total steal?  The better item might be that classic trench you think you will wear for years to come?  Do the math!!

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