Fashion Mistakes

Fashion mistakes to avoid listed here are not your usual “no white after Labor Day” list of fashion faux pas, but a short list of do nots even good dressers can sometimes forget. It is that thin line that separates good dressers from really spectacular dressers.

1.  Logo Overload / Expensive Clothing –  I know plenty of people buy expensive clothing because they want everyone to think they are rich. I love a muted logo just as much as the next person, and I have name brands in my closet.  However, just because you paid a lot of money for an item does not mean it looks good on you.

2.  Overexposure – My favorite thing in fashion right now is the idea of proportions. Pick one part of your body that you are going to show off, then remember to cover up everything else. If you are wearing something too low cut AND a mini skirt, the looks screams desperate.

3.  Knock Off Shoes – You do not need to spend a lot of money on shoes, but you should have some basics. You do not want to buy the obvious knock-offs. And this goes for everything, not just shoes. A simple black pump will be a simple black pump will be a simple black pump. People will only notice if you do not have the legitimate item if it is an obvious fake.

4.  Wearing Unflattering Clothing – Colors and skin tones – you know how much they matter! But why do I think this is one of those fashion mistakes to avoid if you really want to look great? Simply because the wrong color (regardless of how trendy it is) can make you look tired, blotchy or even play with your skin tone in a really cruel way, making you look too orange, too yellow, too pinkish or even a bit green! If you have a warm skin tone and dyed blonde hair, you may discover that red makes your hair appear yellow and gives your tan a blotchy appearance. Ladies with a lot of pink in their complexion should be careful around My Little Pony colors because they may end up looking the part. But those are hardly the rules… everyone should do their best to find their perfect colors.

5.  Right Outfit ~ Wrong Occasion – I like to be a bit overdressed, like if the occasion calls out for a casual look, I will take that extra step and go for casual chic. Going overboard; however, is a most definite no. Now, I do have to admit that I do not think this is a less known fashion mistake, although I will list it, simply because it is obvious not all know that being overdressed is just as bad as being underdressed. Would you play tennis in high heels? No? Well, do not show up for a sports match dressed like you are going to the Oscars! You should not look like one of the players either and yes, it is okay to wear heels, just keep your outfit daytime appropriate.

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