11 Ways to Bump up Your Style

Do you think your wardrobe is getting boring?  Are you ready to update your style?  Here are some easy ways to add renovate your current closet.

1. Edit your wardrobe – keep what you love and the items that make your outfits work for you.  Toss the villains, those garments that do not make you feel good.  Let go of the past, and live in the now.

2. Love how it feels – if clothes do not feel good to you, on your skin, are uncomfortable….then get rid of them. If they do not fit properly, you will fidget and fiddle with your clothes which is an instant style killer.  You are wearing them against your skin all the time, you want them to feel great.

3. Your clothes should be beautiful to you – these are items you are wearing all the time.  You want to love how they look.  If they are only so-so, bland or boring, then they do not earn a place in your wardrobe.  You are special and your clothes should be special to you too.

4. Add a hero – an outfit purely of supporting acts is bland and boring.  Purchase a signature jacket that has a “wow” factor.

5. Discover your signature style – spend some time getting to know who you are and what you love. Notice the garments and accessories you turn to again and again and figure out why, they may be part of your signature style.

6. Start collecting accessories – create beauty bundles so that you can easily change up your look with different accessories. You want some more formal and some more casual, so you can dress your supporting acts up or down.

7. Do not keep anything for Sunday Best – remember that clothes are like milk, they go off. Fashions change, and there is no point in not wearing your best clothes. Get your cost-per-wear from your best pieces.  You will be glad you made the investment in them, plus you will feel great when you wear them.

8. Try something different – every now and again, pick up a trend or fad item that is a little out of your comfort zone, so you do not become complacent and your style stale.

9. Do not forget the foundations – get rid of your terrible under garments.  Only wear foundation garments that do not add extra bulges or lumps, that fit and lift and do what they need to to make your whole outfit look great.

10. Be brave – push yourself out of your comfort zone periodically so that you do not get into a style rut. Try styling something different or wearing an accessory like a hat, scarf or necklace that is right out of your comfort zone. There are so many places to be inspired by the styles of others.

11. Play in your wardrobe – every now and again challenge yourself to style one garment five ways for different occasions. Take photos of the outfits you put together, you may be surprised at the new looks you create that become new parts of your style.

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