Summer Heat

It is pretty much a fact that summer style has a tendency to veer on the sloppy side. It is sweltering, the sun is shining, and everyone is in vacation mode, all of which obviously influence our wardrobes. Rarely does the term “polished” come to mind in the middle of this June heat.  It is essential to know the little tricks you can utilize to give your outfits the polish your summer wardrobe craves.  Here are my top five tips.

1.  Pair flat sandals with sleek pieces, like cropped black pants.

2.  A long, flowy dress is beautiful and feminine, keeps you cool, and easily transitions from day to night.

3.  While it may sound obvious, tucking your shirt in makes a huge difference if you want to avoid looking sloppy.

4.  If you are wearing a dress or skirt to stay cool, keep the hemlines modest, as they will always look more polished than short ones.

5.  Balancing proportions is an easy way to avoid looking sloppy. If you are wearing a slouchier piece on the bottom, go more fitted on the top, and vice versa.

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