Summer Heat

It is pretty much a fact that summer style has a tendency to veer on the sloppy side. It is sweltering, the sun is shining, and everyone is in vacation mode, all of which obviously influence our wardrobes. Rarely does the term “polished” come to mind in the middle of this June heat.  It is essential to know the little tricks you can utilize to give your outfits the polish your summer wardrobe craves.  Here are my top five tips.

1.  Pair flat sandals with sleek pieces, like cropped black pants.

2.  A long, flowy dress is beautiful and feminine, keeps you cool, and easily transitions from day to night.

3.  While it may sound obvious, tucking your shirt in makes a huge difference if you want to avoid looking sloppy.

4.  If you are wearing a dress or skirt to stay cool, keep the hemlines modest, as they will always look more polished than short ones.

5.  Balancing proportions is an easy way to avoid looking sloppy. If you are wearing a slouchier piece on the bottom, go more fitted on the top, and vice versa.

Tank Tops for the Well Endowed

There is nothing I like more than a hot summer day, lazing around in a tank top and shorts, preferably with a cold beer in my hand.  I had a friend ask me to post a blog about tank tops for those of us who are a bit more well endowed, so here it is.  First of all, I always make sure the straps are wide enough to cover my bra straps. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE BRA STRAPS, people…especially at my age.  This is why I rarely wear racer-back styles, even though I think they are super cute. Because I refuse to wear them with my bra straps showing. I also try to find tops that are not too low-cut. How bare is too bare is, of course, is up to each individual’s comfort level and conscience, but I do try to find that fine line between styles that I enjoy and those that I feel might be too provocative. Here are some of my rules when purchasing tank tops if you are well endowed.

1. Cover your bra straps, girlfriend! This means selecting tank tops that have wider straps. How wide depends on your bra.

2. Wear the right bra. You want a bra that is supportive but not massive enough to show around the edges of the tank top. It used to be hard to find supportive bras in larger sizes that were not grannie bras, but nowadays there are lots of choices.

3. Pay attention to the neckline. Tank tops with a modest V-neck or scoop neck are flattering, just makes sure that they are not too low-cut. This does take some trial and error, as everyone is built differently.

4. Consider the fit. As always with matters of style, fit is key. Do not buy tank tops that are too tight. I like material that does not have so much spandex, so I can stretch them out a bit. If they are too tight when I put them on, I just give a tug in a few strategic places, and that fixes them right up!  Sometimes a looser style is nice, like the kind with the banded waist, or a flowy tunic-style — it all depends on your personal style aesthetic and what is flattering for your body type.

5. When in doubt, layer. I have tanks that I keep only for layering under a cardigan or jean jacket, and I have others that I will wear alone. You can also layer a tank top over another tank top, so if you have one you like that is too low-cut, or it is more flowy and always shows too much when you bend over, consider wearing a more modest tank underneath.

Summer Espadrilles ~ Under $100

There is no better compliment to an effortless sundress than an espadrille sandal. They are the nonchalant accessory of the season. And the best part is these comfy woven soles will keep you sturdy at beach-side soirees and backyard barbecues. Check out these styles, all under $100.


Banana Republic ~ $98


IIse Jacobsen, $99


TopShop, $85


Zara, $80


Soludus x Wren, $65