Trip to the Farmers Market

I was at the Farmers Market yesterday morning.  And yes I was wearing work out pants and tennis shoes….because I walked there.  I glanced around at the people browsing the broccoli, fresh farm eggs and carrots….and discovered apparently everyone walked there. I know the Farmers Market is not where individuals go to leave their fashion mark….but I am still disappointed that more people do not care about what they wear in public.  The one girl that actually stood out to me was wearing jeans and tshirt, which I would have approved of if it had been the right size.  I could literally see her belly button and every ripple on her stomach.  She was an average sized lady….in the wrong size shirt.  If she would have just bumped up the size just one size, it would have looked so much better.  If it feels too tight, it probably is too tight…..and therefore will not look flattering on your body.  Remember just because it zips, does not mean it fits!!

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